About Us

We value transparency and honesty and we shortlist our candidates based on professionalism, experience, integrity, ethics and personality.

We pride ourselves in the philosophy of establishing long lasting relationships by matching qualified people with suitable positions.

Over the years we have become a trusted partner with multinational, regional enterprises, local SMEs and SMBs and businesses who are establishing a presence in the region. Our approach is to listen, coach, advice and challenge the status quo to provide an unbiased service to our clients and candidates and where necessary we choose to walk away when we believe the recruitment expectation is unrealistic.

Our success and reputation stems from delivering exceptional service and we succeed because our clients

and candidates value our regional and industry knowledge, integrity, commitment and results.

We understand what it takes to source high caliber candidates and provide our clients with the efficient service that they require in today’s competitive job market. We do not believe in forwarding the first available applicant for any vacancy – we present only a shortlist of candidates who are qualified, job-matched and serious about their next career move. The location, company culture and opportunities for progression are amongst the many considerations we evaluate in determining whether or not a candidate should actually meet a prospective employer. We never force the fit.


Al Saaha Offices | Burj Khalifa | Souk Al Bahar | PO Box 487177 | Dubai | UAE