Plum Jobs Executive

Today’s most enduring source of competitive advantage is the ability to make insightful recruitment decisions about leaders to mitigate risk.

The success and strength of an organisation is determined by its leadership and today’s businesses are challenged with recruiting and retaining high caliber industry professionals.

Plum Jobs Executive understands the challenges and dynamics of the skills and talent shortage as organisations need to have succession plans in place for tomorrow’s leaders. Our in-depth understanding of local markets enables us to define the role and remuneration based on industry benchmarking and insight.

The Chief Executive role is unique and whether it focuses on organizational change, restructuring, diversification, expansion or merger & acquisition in a public or private organisation, our C-level candidates can deliver strategy, transformation and growth with multicultural sensitivity and leadership strength.

Our executive level candidates are commercial with a strong focus on corporate governance, business growth, innovation and strategic partnerships and successfully create effective Boards which are diverse and embrace change.

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