Why Clients Choose Us

Our shortlisted candidates are always able to do the job – you simply need to select the right chemistry fit for your organisation – and we guarantee our candidates stay with you.

There is no shortage of recruitment tools but organisations become our long-term clients when we are able to make the impossible happen by finding candidates they could not find through other sources.

We focus on three main objectives:
To be a long-term strategic partner for your talent acquisition by having a deep understanding of your business needs and organisation culture to find the best candidate fit through character-matching.
We guarantee that all our candidates have the requisite skill set and more importantly, the personality and gravitas to make a positive impact in your organisation.
We give our clients a competitive advantage through the identification, assessment and placement of the region’s most talented business leaders and specialists with an in-depth analysis of the market, remuneration benchmark and candidate availability.

Our candidates and clients value our personal touch and trust our judgement when recruiting.

Our four pillars of recruitment differentiate us as:
We understand the organisation culture, determine the skills, knowledge and capabilities required and develop a concise candidate specification to offer fresh ideas to attract the best candidates.
We conduct local and international targeted candidate sourcing, have an extensive database of active candidates and strong industry networks.
Our robust recruitment process consists of competency-based interviews to assess their skills, behaviours, motivation and candidate risk analysis to provide the ideal candidate.
We facilitate the employment offer and onboarding to guarantee a smooth and seamless recruitment process enabling our candidate to fit into the organisation quickly.

We believe that the only way to ensure repeat business is to be consistent in introducing suitably qualified candidates and providing insightful feedback.



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