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With a greater focus on indoor-outdoor living, sustainability and smart technology in our homes and workplaces, new construction methods and building technologies are shaping residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings.

Infrastructure projects are becoming larger and more complex. As innovations in BIM technology, integration of 3D printing and modular construction off-site becoming more prevalent, industry leaders are recognizing the need to transform their organization’s culture to be more multi-skilled and diverse.

From concept, design, architecture and finishing, construction, design, architecture, interior design, procurement, safety, operations we provide executive search and recruitment solutions for architectural firms, design consultants and contractors, property developers and real estate organisations.

Our skilled project leadership and management candidates are able to deliver large value projects within budget and on schedule, whilst effectively managing client, consultant, contractor and vendor relationships.

Given the fast paced changes in technology and building methodologies, the architecture, construction, interiors sectors need to upskill their leadership and workforce capabilities to create a more engaged workforce that is agile and adopts change, transformation and technology more readily.

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Taking a proactive approach to cultural transformation for improved business performance

Where additional low-cost labor was once the answer to all productivity and resources challenges, it is no longer a viable option to effectively overcome the obstacles that face today’s construction contractors, real estate developers and architectural and interiors firms.

Our HR Advisory practice helps businesses overcome these challenges by positioning our clients to become attract and retain high calibre candidates and build more diverse teams.

We also work with leading consultancies, contractors and firms to develop leaders and cultivate high potential professionals and emerging managers. This helps them build talent and succession pipelines.

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