Business Acumen, Strategy & Execution: Influence Business Decisions & Outcomes

“If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail.” - Jeff Bezos

Does your organization have a strategy but performance is mediocre or below par because of the execution?

Most companies have a strategy but majority fail to achieve their strategic goals because of poor execution.

Strategy defines vision, direction, design, processes and capabilities for a sustainable future.

By focusing on strategy purpose, stakeholders, collaboration and processes, leaders need the skills and techniques to turn strategy into actions.

Commercial focus on influence business decisions and outcomes

Why You Should Participate to Improve Business Acumen, Strategy and Execution

Our action learning, interactive programme is uniquely designed to enable you to think strategically, develop strategies and confidently apply these to gain a competitive advantage in evolving environments.We focus on providing you with the skills and tools to overcome the barriers to successful execution.

The program will also change the way you view and understand financial data.

By helping you create your own playbook, we help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution. In turn, this enables you to participate and influence critical business decisions that will elevate your mindset, capabilities and career opportunities.

Who Should Participate

  • Business leaders and managers who are responsible for creating and driving strategic objectives in their organization.
  • Managers and high potential individuals who want a broader understanding of strategy and learn how to increase their business acumen and be strategic for growth and profitability.
  • Mid-level managers and high potential professionals with little business acumen who want to gain a deep understanding of finance to enable them to be more business focused and analytical.
  • Leaders who have P&L responsibility and needs to develop a strategic and financial mindset and capabilities.
  • Managers who are new to strategy, finding strategy a challenge and those that are looking for new ways of approaching strategies and execution and want to learn how to leverage it to gain a competitive advantage.
Skills to learn business acumen, strategy and execution

What You Will Take Away to Improve Business Outcomes and Revenue

  • Personalized strategic playbook to practice and implement your learnings in your organization and can be adapted for any industry.
  • By identifying your strategic challenges, we work with you to develop a realistic execution action plan.
  • Gain a deep contextual understanding of your organization’s strategy.
  • Learn how to apply emerging trends and technologies to reframe your present scenarios and write a strategy statement.
  • Learn to determine stakeholder and customer requirements and integrate them into the organization’s purpose.
  • Learn how to develop effective strategic communication to gain buy-in and participation.
  • Learn how to design a strategy process to gain competitiveness for profitable growth.
  • Learn how to interpret company financial information to understand your department or company’s performance.
  • Learn to use accounting and financial information to make better management decisions based on forecasting, budgeting, product and service costs and customer profitability.

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