Business Writing Skills: Write It Right

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

Are your writing skills holding back your career?

Written communication is a business necessity starting from a simple email to a high-level report for CXOs.

Having the ability to create the most appropriate business communication, which is well-structured and presented, grammatically correct with the right tone will give you the best results and gain credibility.

Writing well is one of the most valuable skills to be successful, both professionally and in your personal life.

Plum Jobs Coaching improve your business writing skills

Why You Should Participate To Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Delivered by a native English-speaking coach, our action learning and practical program is your foundation to being able to craft impactful emails, reports, presentations, proposals and documentation for the right audience that gets you noticed and trusted.

By the end of the program, you will have significantly improved your business writing skills.

Who Should Participate

Anyone who wants to master the art of professional business writing to create business documents that are grammatically correct, well structured and impactful.

Plum Jobs business writing skills course
What You Will Take Away to Greatly Improve Your Communication
  • Learn to write plain English that is clear and easy to understand to get the response you want.
  • Learn how to write in a storytelling style to increase audience engagement.
  • Learn to write grammatically correct, clear and concise business documents.
  • Learn how to structure and present your written documents with the right tone.
  • Principles of business writing and how to get your audience interested and engaged in your content
  • Learn practical tips to avoid using overused and pointless business words
  • Learn to proofread your written content
  • Email etiquette – how to write emails correctly
  • Learn to write relevant online content for websites and social media and improve SEO and responses
  • How to write interesting and relevant blogs for maximum business impact
  • How to write presentations so the messaging is clear and key points are remembered
  • Learn how to write speeches that grab attention and motive the audience
  • How to write reports with the appropriate content, structure and images and infographics
  • How to write technical reports and presentations

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