Conflict Management: Create a Positive Outcome

“Conflict can destroy a team which hasn’t spent time learning to deal with it.” – Thomas Isgar

Are you losing good employees because of conflict in your teams? Are your employees less productive because they do not work well together?

Successful teams are built on trust, respect and support.

Conflict affects productivity and ultimately business performance.

With competing agendas, interests and goals, constructively addressing conflicts in the workplace is vital for leaders to accomplish the right business goals.

Leaders who master the fundamentals of conflict management to address amongst many factors such as differences of opinions, diversity and different styles of working create healthy work environments and positive outcomes.

Plum Jobs conflice management skills training

Why You Should Participate to Manage Conflicts

Our interactive, action learning program provides you with the tools to address conflict and facilitate a reasonable outcome in the best interest of the individuals and organization.

By developing skills to listen, manage emotions, negotiate and mediate, managers are better equipped in improving business results.

Who Should Participate

  • HR professionals, managers and business owners to want to create cohesive teams and safe work environment.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to prevent and resolve conflict management.
Plum Jobs Coaching conflict management skills course
What You Will Take Away to Facilitate Better Outcomes
  • Identify your natural conflict management style.
  • Learn how to create an environment of openness and trust and use differences of opinion and diversity constructively for innovation, creativity and growth.
  • Learn how to ascertain the root cause of conflict and spot potential signs to minimize the negative impact and prevent recurrence.
  • Learn how to select the most appropriate style of resolution and facilitate conflict resolution conversations to gain a win-win outcome.
  • Be able to establish conflict resolution guidelines and procedures for managers and employees.
  • Develop and enhance listening, communication, problem solving and follow up skills.
  • Create a culture of greater collaboration and inclusion across different generations.
  • Learn how to work with moving from an independent to interdependent culture environment.

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