Create a Lasting Impression: Build Yourself to be Remembered

“First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.”
- Elliott Abrams

Do you want to improve your social skills for business and create a first and lasting impression?

It’s a tough business world and you have to stand out in the fierce competition to elevate and succeed your career.

Improving, enhancing and developing your business etiquette is key to professional success.

Some people have the “gift of the gab” whilst the rest of us have to acquire great communication skills.

By harnessing your appearance, communication and behaviors, you can create a lasting impression where everyone remembers you in a positive way.

Plum Jobs create a first and lasting impression skills course

Why You Should Participate To Significantly Improve Your Reputation

Our uniquely designed interactive program focuses on the know, like and trust factors that equip you with the techniques, skills and confidence to interact with people authentically, confidently and effectively in business. 

Improving your communication and listening skills, enhancing your body language and tone and knowing what style of communication to use will enable you to adapt to different audiences and messages.

The skills and techniques you learn and take away with you are life-long and can be applied in both your personal and professional life.

Who Should Participate

  • Anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.
  • Early stage professional who want to strengthen their professional brand and build better opportunities for their career.
  • People who want to work in an Arabic or Western business world and want to learn business etiquette so they can assimilate better.
Plum Jobs Creat a Lasting Impression Skills Course
What You Will Take Away To Be Remembered 
  • Identify and adapt your interpersonal, communication and presentation style of based on your personality to suit your audience to have greater delivery and impact.
  • Learn how to identify other people’s personality and communication preferences.
  • Establish a strong professional identity and brand by developing lifelong soft and social skills to make a lasting impression.
  • Interpret other people’s body language whilst communicating with them.
  • Build a compelling self-introduction and establish rapport to engage with business people and colleagues in a professional manner.
  • Develop and enhance your skills and behaviours be more effective in expressing yourself confidently, coherently, assertively with right tone and pace.
  • Learn when and how to say “no” firmly but politely.
  • Develop and manage your professional online presence and reputation.
  • Learn Arabic and Western business etiquette to fit into any environment.

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