Critical Thinking, Decision Making & Problem Solving: Master Your Mind

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. ~Albert Einstein

Are you consistently lagging behind your competition because you cannot innovate or are paralysed by making a decision?

Every day we make long- and short-term decisions, try to rationally reason through issues and present information in a logical, accurate and compelling way. Each of these are intertwined as they impact the outcomes and can be the difference between success and failure.  These skills are critical yet most people learn this through trial and error.

By mastering a few impactful techniques to gain a systematic approach to thinking through an issue, following a logical decision-making process to find a practical solution will become a less daunting task.

Master your mind with how you think, make decisions and solve problems

Why You Should Participate to Make Better Decisions and Think Differently

Our interactive action learning program is designed to enable you to identify when a complex issue is looming or occurring and the steps to implement this strategy in your personal and professional life.

We work with you on real life issues that you are facing in your career or personal life that is a barrier to you progressing in your professional life.

Who Should Participate

Anyone who wants to improve their critical thinking, reasoning and decision-making skills.

Plum Jobs Creative Critical Thinking Decision Making Problem Solving Skills
What You Will Take Away to Effectively Solve Problems and Think More Strategically

Personal skills

  • Learn critical thinking skills and how to use them in business decisions
  • Learn techniques including the 4-phase problem solving technique to find the right solution
  • Learn to define, “own” the problem and use effective decision-making processes to make the best decision
  • Learn to apply quantifiable options to evaluate the impact of your decision
  • Understand cognitive biases and de-biasing that
  • Learn how to help others make decisions
  • Learn to communicate and justify your decisions effectively
  • Implement a structured decision-making process including asking the right questions for information gathering
  • Learn to define, measure and manage risk

Business skills

  • Develop your ability as a leader to make sound commercial decisions that drive strategy, innovation and sustainable results.
  • Understand customer behaviour and needs and align your business services to optimize profitability and growth
  • Learn techniques on how to introduce innovation to your team and across the organization to build creativity and innovation capabilities.
  • Develop skills to manage your team to improve business performance through customer-focused solutions
  • Learn to see the world through the customer’s eyes and experience
  • Learn how to lead process improvement and workplace change initiatives

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