Customer Excellence: Deliver A Competitive Advantage

“Customers don’t measure you on how hard you tried. They measure you on what you deliver.” – Steve Jobs

Do all you employees understand the value of customers to deliver customer excellence?

We all serve customers whether indirectly or directly. Whether you are working in a client acquisition, retention or support role, your aim will be to grow your customer base and retain them. 

Customers become loyal when they experience “wow!” moments. They also remember “ouch!” moments.

By creating critical touch points in the customer journey, organizations strengthen their brand through 5-star rating feedback and reduced customer complaints.

Gain competitive advantage by delivery customer excellence skills course

Why You Should Participate to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Our program is designed to work with you based on your industry and company type to give you practical tools to engage in all stages of the customer experience.

Who Should Participate

  • Business owners and managers who want to develop best in class customer service practices to create a competitive advantage.
  • Anyone who wants to be in a managerial role or excel in customer service.
  • Anyone who wants to learn and enhance their customer service and soft skills.
Plum Jobs customer excellence skills course for customer loyalty
What You Will Take Away to Create Customer Engagement
  • Gain an understanding of your business, organizational processes and external factors which impact internal and external customers.
  • Learn how to build and drive a customer centric organization with a culture of service excellence.
  • Learn needs analysis techniques to understand what the customer actually wants.
  • Learn how to develop strategies to exceed customers’ expectations and “wow” customers.
  • Learn the difference between internal vs external customers and different techniques to deal with both.
  • Identify the cost of poor quality customer service and how attitude affects service standards and brand reputation.
  • Learn how to identify your customers, capturing the voice of the customer.
  • Learn customer journey mapping and customer interaction cycles.
  • Gain and in-depth understanding of customer feedback – root cause analysis, complaint handling and when to escalate the issue.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the role of social media in customer excellence and how it impacts your brand.
  • Learn how to structure your customer service operations to achieve customer excellence and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Learn how to retain your customers and make them customers loyal, recommend you, rate you highly on social media and make them your brand ambassadors.

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