Customer Service: Move Your Customers to Brand Ambassadors

"Happy customers are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team." Lisa Masiello

Are you losing customers because of a lack of professionalism in managing their expectations?

Effective customer service comes from knowing how to create a positive and memorable experience by respond to customer requests and concerns and dealing with customers in difficult situations satisfactorily.

By understanding the impact of the customer journey and experience, business leaders can establish unique strategies to gain more brand ambassadors to grow their business.

Whether your customer interactions are telephone-based, online or face-to-face, customer service skills add tremendous value in raising your customer success standards to an exceptional level whilst improving employee motivation and engagement and organizational performance.

Plum Jobs customer service to make your customers brand ambassadors skills course

Why You Should Participate to Deliver Customer Service Excellence

Our interactive and action learning program will equip you with the skills and tools required to improve the customer experience, retain more customers and differentiate your brand. By developing strategies, systems and enhanced customer service skills to build professional service delivery to stand out from your competitors.

Who Should Participate

  • Anyone who wants to develop customer centric skills to enhance the customer journey, build a client relationship and ultimately generate revenue through loyal customers.
  • Businesses who want to provide coaching to improve the customer service experience.
  • Organizations who need to break down silos and build cross functional collaboration.
Plum Jobs Customer Service and Excellence Skills Course
What You Will Take Away to Deliver the Right Quality Service at the Right Time
  • Identify the impact and importance of effective customer service.
  • Recognise how customer service teams contribute to the organization's success by putting themselves in the customer's shoes and understanding their wants and expectations.
  • Learn how to manage and exceed customers' expectations by finding solutions.
  • Learn the art of asking customers effective questions to get relevant information.
  • Develop soft skills and behaviours to use empathy to build a relationships, develop active listening skills and resilience to turn negative situations to positive experiences.
  • Learn the most effective use of telephone, email and CRM communication.
  • Learn how to analyze customer feedback to help the organization enhance products and services.

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