Facilitation Skills: Lead Group Discussions

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – Stephen R Covey

Are your meetings and group discussions a waste of time? Do you need to learn to manage your meetings more effectively?

Meetings and group discussions are great opportunities to make decisions and discuss ideas and solutions for innovation and challenges.

So why do so many people dread meetings? The honest answer is that most are badly organized and chaired, overrun and decisions are not made.

As businesses adapt to more people working from home, the need for effective discussion facilitation has been a priority as this is a skill most people chairing or hosting a meeting need to develop. Most participants feel that these meetings are unproductive as they are unstructured, people are multi-tasking and not engaged.

Avoid bring meeting with facilitation skills training

Why You Should Participate To Lead Productive Discussions

Our uniquely designed program equips you with skills, tools and techniques to conduct high impact facilitation discussion and group meetings to optimize viewpoints, participation, engagement and productivity.

Who Should Participate

  • Trainers, coaches, L&D specialists who are more experienced in classroom training and want to develop facilitation skills to work with groups
  • Managers and professionals who want to develop and improve their chairing and facilitation skills to lead group discussions and meetings.
Plum Jobs Facilitation Skills Course
What You Will Take Away to Hold Dynamic Conversations
  • Learn how to structure an agenda with purpose, objective, goals, actions and follow up
  • Learn to speak with confidence, increase participant engagement and commitment
  • Design high impact facilitation sessions and conduct a facilitation with impartiality and control the discussion to avoid interruptions and arguments.
  • Identify group dynamics, manage egos, overbearing personalities and conflict
  • Improve your active listening, communication, critical thinking and conflict resolution skills
  • How to manage in-person and virtual meetings and group discussions to minimize interruptions and tangents

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