Finance for Non-Finance Professionals: It’s Not Always About Numbers

“The best financial models are simple enough for anyone to understand, yet dynamic enough to handle complex situations.” – Tim Vipond

Are your lack of finance skills and business performance knowledge holding you back in your career or current job?

Organizations and their customers are becoming more complex, global and this requires leaders to have a strong grasp on the value they add and challenges to remain in business and competitive.

By having a deep understanding of finance and its implications in strategic decisions, non-finance executives need the aptitude and tools to integrate a financial mindset into their decision making and execution.

Why You Should Participate to Gain Financial Acumen

Our interactive action learning program is designed specifically for managers with little or no financial training who want to improve their knowledge of accounting and money management in a business environment. It provides comprehensive depth to accounting, financial planning and analysis.

The program is steer you towards being able to develop profitable and sustainable revenue streams and build an agile and resilient organization to adapt to fast paced technological, economic and customer changes.

Who Should Participate

  • Anyone with little or no formal accounting or financial qualifications and knowledge who wants to take on more challenging roles.
  • Leaders who want to gain an understanding of the financial aspects of Value-Based Management and apply these in their workplace.
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What You Will Take Away to Be More Financially Astute
  • Learn core concepts of finance, financial terminology and metrics for your business.
  • Learn to link finance with business strategies and goals and implement these within your teams.
  • Improve your ability and confidence to understand, analyze, interpret and use finance and financial data to make better-informed decisions.
  • Gain in-depth understanding of budgeting, financial reports and metrics to measure and enahnce financial performance.
  • Learn how to manage working capital and assets for growth and profitability.
  • Learn how to analyze performance and identify key financial drivers and metrics.
  • Learn how capital investment, value creation and delivery shareholder returns can be implemented for better results.

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