Inside Sales: Convert Opportunities to Revenue

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” - Zig Ziglar

Is your inside sales team failing to convert leads into sales because people are hanging up?

If your team are making cold calls and following up on leads but not getting the results you expect, it is very unproductive for the business and frustrating, demoralizing for your employees.

Sales calls do not have to be complicated – they need to be effective enough to catch attention and appeal to the customer’s need.

Inside sales is a unique role as you need to skills to build rapport and trust without being face to face with potential customers.

Skills for inside sales to convert leads to revenue growth

Why you should participate to gain a better understanding of customers
Our interactive action learning program will equip your team with the tactics, skills and techniques to enable them to prospect by defining your target audience and engage with them in meaningful conversations by asking the right questions.

Who Should Participate
Anyone who wants to learn inside sales and telemarketing, telesales and sales support techniques to close more sales on the telephone, keep the client happy and generate revenue.

Skills to ask the right questions to convert more inside sales

What You Will Take Away to Convert Leads and Enquiries into Revenue

  • Learn how to differently structure B2B and B2C calls – preparation, start, middle, end and telephone and email follow up.
  • Learn techniques to make your customer listen to you “pitch” without hanging up.
  • Learn how to gain an understanding of your customer’s needs using consultative techniques specifically adapted for telephone sales.
  • Learn smat techniques to convert a rigid customer from “not interested” or “no” into “yes”.
  • Learn how to recognize buying signals and convert them into strong prospects and closed sales.
  • Learn techniques to confidently overcome barriers and objections.
  • Learn skills and techiques to close more sales on the telephone and by email.
  • Learn telephone etiquette, how to introduce yourself, build rapport and memorable relationships with clients.
  • Learn how to write grammatically correct and well presented introductory and follow up emails.

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