Lead Transformational Change: Create an Agile Organization

“Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business.” – Mark Sanborn

Is your business repeatedly failing to adopt and adapt to changing business needs?

What sets an organization apart from its competitors is how it embraces change, evolving customer trends and competition.

All organizations are experiencing tremendous change at a phenomenal pace.

Irrespective of the size of the change, from changing procedures and systems to integrating a merger or acquisition, a successful change can only happen with the support of the people involved in the change and affected by the change.

Companies need to have strong leadership who can lead transformational change to create an agile organization to succeed in today's business environment.

Plum Jobs paradigm shift for transformation change to create an agile organization skills course

Why You Should Participate to Create a Paradigm Shift for an Agile Organization

By the end of our interactive action learning program you will have a detailed 90-day action plan, the tools and skills to apply these to a real-life situation related to you or your business.

We will focus on real life situations chosen by you to equip you with the tools, skills and capabilities to lead transformation within your organization. You will understand disruption, its internal and external implications and implement agility organization-wide.

Who Should Participate

  • Business owners and leaders responsible for creating an agile organization.
  • Executives and senior managers who are responsible for leading change.
  • Managers and consultants who want to improve their skills in leading change.
Plum Jobs disrupt to create change for an agile organization skills course
What You Will Take Away to Successfully Lead Transformational Change

People Skills

  • Understand the role of leadership, capabilities and behaviours required to successfully lead change and transformation.
  • Identify your leadership style and capacity for transformation to successfully deliver and facilitate change.
  • Build your capabilities and behaviours to successfully lead organizational transformation and adapt your style to lead an agile culture.
  • Learn how to improve your emotional intelligence and foster a culture of cross-functional collaboration, engagement and empathy during change.
  • Understand the dynamics between leadership and employees to effectively engage and apply accountability to every project team member.

Business Skills

  • Gain a deep understanding of the implications for culture, leadership and customers and its overall effect on your organization.
  • Learn how to assess your organization's agility, define change agendas and create actionable roadmaps.
  • Learn to better understand the correlation between change, it’s impact and how to deal with people's responses to the change.
  • Learn how to build responsive, resilience and sustainability capabilities within the organization.
  • Learn how to define the vision and purpose of any transformation change initiative in any industry.
  • Develop transformational strategies to lead your organization during change and influence the workforce to a successful outcome.
  • Learn techniques and get the tools to gain your organization’s buy in for change and drive transformational change.
  • Learn the ability to formulate and execute strategic and communication plans for successfully implementing transformational change.
  • Learn how to measure the success of the transformation and change and implement corrective measures.
  • Learn how to respond to planned and unforeseen changes.

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