Every Minute Counts: Planning & Prioritizing

“Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn

Do you have more things to do than you have time to complete these? Are you overwhelmed with your “to do list”?

For most people, the pace of life is very fast juggling many commitments which is why it is easy to let one side of your life slip whilst you’re focused on the other at the risk of jeopardizing a relationship, goal or ambition.

Having the skills to look at current working practices and gaining greater control of your time in a more structured way will help you manage interruptions, distractions and people. You should be able to delegate and say “no” more effectively.

Master the art of working smarter not harder.

Plum Jobs effective planning and prioritizing for better time management skills

Why You Should Participate to Better Manage Your Time

Our practical, action learning program is designed for anyone who wants to achieve better productivity outcomes but does not know where to start.

Through effective time management strategies such as goal setting, prioritizing tasks and overcoming procrastination it gives you greater confidence and control over your personal and professional environments to be more focused and targeted to achieve your desires and ambition.

Who Should Participate

  • Anyone who goes to bed thinking about all the things they did not complete during the day.
  • Anyone who wants to stop wasting time and procrastinating, avoid distractions and increase productivity.
  • Anyone who is rushing around at the last minute to complete tasks.
  • Anyone who is constantly tired and does not have any time for themselves.
Time management skills course Plum Jobs
What You Will Take Away to be More Effective in Time Management
  • Learn to distinguish between urgent vs priority vs important vs non-essential.
  • Identify the roadblocks of why you are not as productive as you could be and develop a plan to improve and work smarter, not harder.
  • Increase your productivity by changing your mindset, boosting your energy levels and implementing new working ways.
  • Create realistic plans; task management and productivity systems that fits into your lifestyle.
  • Learn techniques for increasing focus and minimizing distractions.
  • Learn how to effectively balance your work and life commitments to gain a better quality of work-life balance.

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