Senior Level Business Development : Connect With CXOs

“The key is not to call the decision maker. The key is to have the decision maker call you.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

Are you finding it impossible to reach C-level decision makers and build a strong CXO network?

If you have been invited to a sales meeting with a CEO or CXO, chances are that you will only get one shot to engage with them and generate their interest in you and your product or service.

If you do not have enough business literacy, acumen and the ability to recognize their vulnerabilities and your opportunities to sell to them, senior level decision makers will disengage with you fairly quickly and you probably won’t get another opportunity here.

So why miss out because you do not have the right skills? 

Skills to connect with C level decision makers

Why You Should Attend to Build Strong CXO Connections

Our interactive action learning program equips you with the confidence, skills and behaviours to engage with CXO at their level.

Who Should Participate

Senior sales leaders who want to develop confidence, credibility and skills to sell at CXO level.

Skills to win new business at CXO and executive level
What You Will Take Away
  • Learn how to identify, network, make contact and meet C-level decision makers.
  • Learn techniques to build confidence and overcome fears of approaching senior executives.
  • Learn techniques to develop a confident approach to conducting strategic-level meetings with C-level executives.
  • Learn techniques to generate new opportunities from strategic discussions with C-level executives.
  • Learn how to identify business drivers and objectives that will impact the executives’ decisions.
  • Learn how to target your sales pitch to each key decision-making style; improve your communication to make a memorable impact at C-level.
  • Learn how to design and deliver C-level presentations to win business.

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