Strategic Business Planning & Execution: Lead Business Growth

“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.” ― Morris Chang

Is your career being held back because you lack strategic business capabilities?

Without strategic capabilities, it is almost impossible to progress your career to business owner, executive or leadership level.

We’re living in a disruptive world and the business environment requires business leaders with agile mindsets, frameworks and tools for strategy, innovation, transformation and growth.

Most leaders and managers do not understand enough strategy to provide meaningful input and are not capable of high-level decision making.  A lack of strategic mindset and experience is holding back many organizations’ ability to perform optimally and grow.

Organizations need strong management capabilities to lead business growth.

Plum Jobs strategic business planning & execution to lead business growth skills course

Why You Should Participate to Gain a Strategic Business Mindset

Our program is designed for leaders who want to develop a practical approach towards becoming a strategic decision maker.
You will gain in depth knowledge to conduct analysis, solve issues and build high performance teams to achieve better business outcomes.

Who Should Participate

  • Forward thinking and aspiring business leaders who want to develop and align their strategies for innovation, business growth and profitability.
  • Business owners and C-level executives who want to develop their business strategy competence and capabilities to be more profitable.
  • Business owners and senior executives who want to improve their commercial and strategy skills to build a platform for sustainable business growth.
  • Anyone who wants to develop their strategic capabilities and progress to a leadership role or start their own business.
Plum Jobs learn skills to lead strategic business planning and execution
What You Will Take Away to Lead Business Growth
  • Develop and enhance your entrepreneurial approach and capabilities with a more strategic mindset and engaging style.


  • Understand your organization’s mission, goals and internal environment to create and execute fit for purpose strategies.
  • Learn how to build a sustainable ecosystem to deliver results.
  • Learn how to create a culture of continuous improvement through forwarding thinking, agility and transformation.

Strategy Planning

  • Learn to think strategically, formulate and implement a robust a actionable plan and measure performance.
  • Understand the difference between strategic and operational thinking and adapt your mindset to both.
  • Learn to define your organization’s strategy and communicate its unique customer value proposition to all stakeholders.
  • Learn how to carry out risk assessments and develop resilience and risk management strategies.
  • Learn how to build and adopt strategic analysis frameworks and business models.
  • Learn how to develop strategies and roadmaps for transformational, organizational and culture change.
  • Learn how to develop powerful tools and organizational frameworks to successfully convert strategy into action plans with positive outcomes.
  • Gain practical tools to develop and implement strategies that drive a competitive advantage for your organization and build profitable business models.
  • Gain tools and learn strategies that enable you to conduct scenario planning to predict and navigate high level future trends and emerging issues.

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