B2B Sales: The Art of Winning & Retaining Clients

“You don’t close a sale; you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.” – Patricia Fripp

Are you failing to retain your customers and unable to win new business?

You only get one opportunity of launching your products and services with a bang to gain momentum in the market and you need the best salespeople with the right mindset and capabilities to achieve this.

Undoubtedly, you’re hoping that your new offering will be the next big thing in the market beating your competitors.

Equally, existing customers are a crucial revenue source. However most account managers fall short of meeting their targets to upsell and cross sell.

For many the easy option is to provide customer service by resolving issues as they do not have the right skills, mindset or behaviours for solution sales.

Increasing sales and revenue cost-effectively is the key to growing your business for sustainability and profitability.

There is an art to winning and retaining clients which every professional salesperson should master.

the art of winning and retaining clients

Why You Should Participate to Gain More Customers
Our interactive action learning program is fast paced and designed for B2B salespeople to fully understand the structure of a successful business deal and provides practical tools and techniques that will lead to more sales wins in a competitive market.

Our modules focus on the skills, behaviours and techniques to gain new clients and increase customer retention and loyalty.

We work with you on your real-life situations and role play to improve behaviours and skills to retain and grow enterprise customers and partnerships.

Who Should Participate

  • Sales professionals who are transitioning to sales managers.
  • Anyone who has some experience in sales but has not had any formal training.
  • Anyone who manages key accounts or is moving into account management and wants to develop strong and long-lasting client relationships.
  • Anyone who wants to move into sales, has been newly appointed into a sales role or needs a refresher.
  • Anyone who has to “close” sales and wants to improve their sales performance.
Learn skills to increase customer retention

What You Will Take Away to Increase Customers and Revenue

  • Learn to develop your own confident sales style to suit your personality.
  • Learn skills, behaviours and techniques to create a customer centric approach to business development.
  • Learn how to transition to a solutions and consultative sales approach from selling features and benefits.
  • Learn how to use a sales funnel for lead generation, prospecting, qualifying and sales pitches.
  • Learn techniques to gain client commitment throughout the sales process and overcome objections to close a profitable deal.
  • Learn how to facilitate the decision-making process and negotiate to achieve a win-win outcome.
  • Learn how to differentiate between sales vs marketing in today’s business environment.
  • Learn behaviours, skills and techniques for strategic account management and organic growth.
  • Develop a confident, influencing and persuasive style for sales pitches, presentations and client meetings.
  • Learn how to write winning presentations and proposals.
  • Learn how to develop strategic plans to grow revenue through channel partnerships and resellers and reduce churn.

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