Leadership & Business Skills Coaching

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” – Carl Rogers

Plum Jobs Success© is an incredibly cost effective solution to improve your organization’s performance through today’s modern style of people management and leadership approaches and skills.

Our easy to understand, in-depth modules focus on 5 stages of professional development – aspiring and first-time managers, high-potential and emerging leaders, and senior executives.

Our popular bitesize interactive sessions are highly effective for learning and applying and practice what you have gained. Because they are short, they have high impact and are engaging. Your learning is long lasting and your skills are transferable to any industry.

Whether you are running an established business, just started or growing your company, we will help you by enabling you to accelerate your business success.

We bring our high calibre coaching and mentoring expertise from our executive level roles in multinational organizations to business owners running their companies and are at different stages of their lifecycle.

By popular demand, we have a suite of coaching and mentoring programs for corporate and individual and corporate whose goals are to build sustainable platforms for innovation, transformation, engagement, profitability, growth and long-term success.

We excel at role-relevant and growth enhacing learning, coaching and mentoring helping corporates and individuals with their most common people and business challenges. Since we provide our participants with real time data and results, they are rest assured with the evidence of how successful their investment is.

Your strategic objectives are at the heart of our outcomes-based approach and all the sessions are designed to drive personal, team and organizational performance.

Plum Jobs leadership and business skills coaching

Corporate Coaching for Leadership & Business Skills

We enable businesses and individuals to achieve more and perform better by unlocking potential and harnessing capabilities.

By fostering talent, leaders can build and improve business skills, technical competence and behaviours required for resilience and performance to drive innovation, profitability, growth and sustainable success.

Our core strength is a combination of our intellectual, commercial and professional expertise and experience.

We recognize that organizations have different training budgets and dedicated resources for learning and development and our programs are designed with this in mind.

As a “force multiplier” we successfully help teams and professionals create and implement new ways of working, develop a more effective culture and transform how management teams inspire and lead their teams and business.

By creating bespoke leadership development programmes based on your business needs, industry and company culture, we enable existing and emerging leaders to find their own management style and enhance their skills, behaviours and techniques to be more successful in the workplace.

Plum Jobs leadership & business skills for corporatesip & Business Skills

Executive Leadership Coaching

We focus on 3 components for success – thinking strategically, leading authentically and executing decisively.

Our easy to understand leadership skills programs are designed for leadership level individuals who want to grow to become inspirational and effective leaders. We proactively work with you to develop and strengthens an individual’s behavioral and technical skills to enrich their personal, professional and career lives.

Today’s CXOs need to consistently make sound decisions and lead their organization to outpace their competitors. We eliminate the blind spots and tendency to hold in fear and anxiety to unlock their challenges and desired outcomes to achieve success.

We centre our business on ensuring that we can demonstrate a return on investment and are confident that you too will soon realize how the coaching return on your investment has accelerated your professional development to achieve the career oriented results that you were aiming for.

Plum Jobs coaching for executive leaders

Aspiring, New & Emerging Leaders Coaching

We enable you to make the transition from a generalist or specialist to an effective results-oriented leader who inspires and engage others.

Based on modern management techniques and practices, our bespoke programs are ideal to jump start your career to the next level.

By identifying your strengths and the ability to manage yourself, you will master the skills of personal and professional effectiveness, communcation, change management, strategic thinking and problem solving.

Aspiring and emerging leaders need to be nurtured with the right coaching to develop into future leaders.

With a more strategic and commercial approach to business opportunities and challenges and soft skills and behaviours, your strong foundation can be applied in any industry and organization. You are then well on your journey to leadership.

Plum Jobs leadership and business skills courses for aspiring, new & emerging leaders

First 100 Days Leadership

You’ve invested the time and money to recruit the right employees and as part of being a great employer, you want to support and develop them so they have a long and successful career with you.

As you embark on your new role, you will be focused creating positive impact quickly, delivering sterling results and building confidence within your teams.

Our uniquely designed action learning program centres around leadership in commercial centric decision making, people engagement, change management and performance improvement.

As a newly hired leader, you are expected to hit the ground running. We can help you prepare to join your new organization, work on key aspects of your role, how to integrate in your role, team and culture to ensure you make a great impact in your first 100 days.

If you can relate to what you have just read and are looking for pragmatic solutions for your human resources and recruitment challenges and concerns, let’s have a chat and we’ll guide you bearing in mind your business objectives.

Plum Jobs First 100 Days Leadership Coaching

How Our Programmes Help You Achieve Your Career Success

A coaching and mentoring programme is an investment and we want you to get as much value from it as you can. You’ll need to leap out of your comfort zone, whether this is through trying something new, implementing changes or improving your performance.

  • tailor made sessions to achieve your goals - our engaging, interactive action learning programmes are personalized for every participant.
  • practical exercises, workplace assignments and detailed action plans based on real life challenges and situations for you to easily integrate into your working day and put into practice what you are learning from your first session.
  • 1-to-1 sessions, discussions and support - our 1-on-1 sessions are only one element of the programme - how you take ownership of the projects and resources will determine your level of success. When you follow all the steps and roadmaps you will gain motivation and confidence and achieve your desired goals.
  • support in between sessions - we have one-on-one coaching in person or via Zoom and Teams – throughout the programme we will offer insights, structure, guidance and honest feedback. You’re never alone during our programmes. Even if you stumble along the way, you will learn and improve – this is all part of the process of transforming yourself into a better version of yourself.
  • flexible schedules to suit your lifestyle – our sessions are scheduled to suit your work and personal commitments as we want you to be fully engaged in our programme for you to get the most out of your investment.
  • lots of fun – throughout our program and time with you, we'll have laughs and lighthearted conversations as you get a real sense of progress in becoming a confident and effective leader.

Like many things in life, you will get out of the program what you put in so we encourage you to aim high, be open minded, proactive and above all committed to this journey.

What If You're Interested in Coaching but Don’t Feel Ready to Commit Yet?

This is a very common feeling when you start contemplating your life and career. Like many things in life, there may never be a perfect time to embark on self-development but when you start thinking about it, you’ll soon realize that you need to start somewhere.

In our extensive experience, the people who tend to delay starting something different or stay paralyzed in fear do not achieve their goals.

Our leadership and business skills coaching provides the practical tools and structures to ambitious business owners, leaders and managers to drive change so they can lead with modern day techniques to scale their teams and business.

You should never look back in time and say, “I wish I had done something about it.”

You’ll be amazed by what you achieve by taking these steps – you’re the master of your own destiny.

What if you want coaching but are not ready to commit?

What's Next For Your Business?

If you can relate to what you have just read and are looking for pragmatic solutions for your human resources and recruitment challenges and concerns, let’s have a chat and we’ll guide you bearing in mind your business objectives.