Executive Appointments

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Today’s CEO and board of directors are expanding their roles focus on developing robust business strategies, shareholder value, talent management and innovation based on dynamic market conditions and customer behaviours.

Plum Jobs Executive© understands in more complex environments, business owners and leadership teams are changing the way they develop strategies and make long-term decisions.

With so much more data available and the adoption of fast developing technology and evolving customer expectations, the profile and role of the CXO is changing rapidly.

We have successfully helped organizations succeed by recruiting experienced and potential CEOs who are aligned with their values, vision and strategy, allowing them to have an internal succession pipeline.

Chief Executive Officer Appointments

An extraordinary individual can transform an organisation.

Today’s economic environment requires CEOs to be multifaceted with strong strategic, commercial and operational capabilities to be able to launch new products and services and grow in new and saturated markets in a complex digital world. CEOs need to demonstrate that they have a combination of multi-level engagement and technical ability together with inspirational, high aptitude and emotional intelligence attributes.

Given the complexity of the Chief Executive Officer role to drive operational and financial improvement through organizational transformation change, restructuring, diversification or merger & acquisition, our C-level candidates are capable of delivering strategy and growth with multicultural sensitivity in diverse environments.

Because we are highly attuned with global and local market competitive compensation packages to attract and retain the best people for the role, we are consistently successful in recruiting experienced and potential CEOs. These C-level candidates are proving their worth by building and transforming their businesses because they are aligned with the organizations’ values, vision and strategy.


Leadership Appointments

Today’s most enduring competitive advantage is the ability to make insightful recruitment decisions about leaders to mitigate risk.

Globalization combined with technological innovation and changing customer expectations have led to accelerated pace of change in the business world. Effective leadership is critical to every organization’s survival and growth as the success and strength of the organisation in implementing and executing its strategies lies with its leadership.

Today’s businesses are challenged with recruiting and retaining high caliber senior industry professionals.

We have successfully headhunted senior executives across a wide spectrum of skills ranging from kickstarting growth, developing products and services, regional expansion, family business restructuring and mergers and acquisitions.

Our leadership candidates are successful as they lead by influencing through integrity, trust and respect. They make decisions quickly based on sound judgement and are receptive to new ideas, feedback and contributions.

Chief Finance Officer | Finance Directors

As organizations turn their business agenda to value creation, Chief Financial Officers must evolve to be strategic and more commercial to steer the organization to deliver value to their customer.

They also need to proactively shift their finance function with them to create leaner and more commercial finance teams with skills beyond being entirely focused on accounting, fiduciary, management reporting, control and compliance activities.

As business environments become more competitive and saturated, today’s Chief Finance Officer must play a strategic role as a catalyst in driving business transformation, contribute to strategic and operational decision making through business analytics to challenge the status quo and industry benchmarking to bridge the gap between strategy and profitability objectives.

We are working with CEOs of diverse organizations to recruit CFOs and Finance Directors who demonstrate four pillars of strength – leadership, ability to link the business strategies with financial objectives, drive operational excellence, implement controls and manage risks.

As your business evolves, we can help you recruit commercially minded CFOs and Finance Directors whose expertise is strategy and transformation delivery – contact us for a discussion.

Chief Sales Officers | Country & Regional Sales Leadership

There are many strategies to drive sales growth but all these require strong leadership and a talented sales organization.

Client acquisition and retention is vital for growing your business in today’s dramatic economic environment, and sales leaders are faced with increased competition, market saturation, profit and margin accountability.

The sales leadership role has changed significantly as the remit of sales and business development has evolved – customers do not need sales as they did previously – customers are looking for strategic long-term relationships with solutions sales.

If your sales and revenue are lagging, our expertise in sales recruitment provides regionally experienced candidates who can develop sales and go to market strategies and adaptive sales methodologies based on market insight and build and retain the right sales organization.

Business development requires strong sales effectiveness, business and financial acumen, data driven and client and consumer centric capabilities. This new commercial and analytical approach is critical for success.

Our results driven candidates have the ability to deliver engaging value proposition messaging to multilevel decision makers by developing competitive differentiators.

We work with CEOs and business leaders to create sales leadership teams that are focused on profitability rather than only sales volumes.

Our senior business development candidates have the experience to demonstrate revenue and profit growth through developing and implementing pricing, customer engagement, contact centre optimization and strong industry networks of regional C-level and senior executive decision makers.

Our senior sales candidates have strong capabilities to recruit, build and retain high performance sales teams with defined KPIs and a forecasting and pipeline process and a roadmap for front-line sales management coaching. In turn, the team is motivated to analyze customer data to find profitable new opportunities, build strategic partnerships and retain customers.

We can help you headhunt and recruit the best industry salespeople to give your organization a competitive advantage and grow your business – contact us for an initial discussion.

Commercial & Contracts | Procurement | Sourcing | Supply Chain Management Leadership

Procurement and supply chain leaders are under increasing pressure to shorten order-to-delivery cycles and increase profit margins.

With the rising cost of materials and equipment, labor, distribution and transportation and outsourced services, a well-designed, efficiently managed strategic sourcing and supply chain function can positively impact the profitability of an organization through competitive vendor negotiations, supplier development, inventory optimization, efficient end to end process management, distribution, quality, planning and forecasting.

Focusing on the first and last mile shipping segments, leaders must make their supply chain business enablers that increase speed to market and revenue growth.

In a world dominated by internet-based behemoths, there is a need to reinvent logistics and fulfillment operations to meet and exceed ever-growing customers’ expectations to retain them.

With an acute shortage of commercial and digital skills in most organization’s procurement and supply chain functions, we work with CEOs and business leaders to recruit senior sourcing, procurement and supply chain leaders.

Our candidates demonstrate their leadership capabilities through effectively using big data analytics for customer behaviour and trend analysis, demand prediction and augment data-driven decisions to reduce costs and improve service levels.

When shortlisting our leadership candidates, we focus on their demonstrable expertise in strong adoption for data resulting in improved forecasting, resourcing, transparency, vendor relationship management, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Our candidates have expertise in building strategic partnerships with vendors to reduce prices, designed effective supply chain processes, developed vendor managed inventory models and implemented technology to drive supply chain efficiencies. By offering their organizations improved demand forecasts, inventory management and real-time route optimization, the benefits enterprise-wide are enormous.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you recruit procurement and supply chain leaders who can driver data-driven decisions, profitability and customer satisfaction through big data, strategic sourcing, vendor management and more efficient and cost-effective last mile delivery.

Senior General Counsel | Corporate Legal

In-house legal departments are continuing to grow and many organizations face the issue of their legal function lacking the necessary business understanding and industry knowledge to be effective in sound judgement and business focused solutions.

With more legal, commercial and industry regulatory requirements combined with the demand from various stakeholders including investors, suppliers and customers, the role for senior lawyers and legal counsel is rapidly becoming more commercial and integral to business strategies and processes.

Organizations now require lawyers to provide advice on more complex issues and capabilities to engage in strategic, value-added output such as risk management and training across the business.

Our senior legal candidates are successful, not only because of their legal acumen or hard work but because they leverage talented teams to deliver measurable results to meet business objectives.

Our General Counsel candidates bring more than just legal expertise when they join your company. They are business advisors to the CEO and senior leadership team who contribute to the organization’s strategy and direction whilst balancing legal strategy and solutions with having a broader perspective of the business.

Connect with us to discuss how we can help you recruit strategic and commercially driven legal professionals.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Leadership

As healthcare margins reduce and the competition for talent increases, we design and implement HR, learning and people development initiatives to attract, engage and retain the best people, from CEOs, CXOs, specialists and technical experts.

Working with HR and learning and development functions, we focus on leadership development, building talent pipelines and succession plans.

Whilst patient numbers are increasing, digital innovation and transformation is redesigning operations and patient delivery.

When sourcing and shortlisting our senior executives and  leadership candidates, we focus on those that are passionate about driving innovation to transform the healthcare,  pharmaceuticals and life sciences sectors. Combined with being medical expertise, they also demonstrate exceptional people and soft skills.

Connect with to hear more about how we are helping our clients gain a competitive advantage.

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