Healthcare Management & Life Sciences

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Healthcare and life science are experiencing tremendous fast paced changes as innovation and technology disruptions emerge. Diverse new entrants are creating new business models and seizing opportunities where science, technology, medicine and investments are merging.

Healthcare providers are being forced to efficiently deliver more affordable and higher quality care, there is now a greater need for them to address their talent challenges.

We are partnering with hospitals, medical centres, insurance and healthcare related companies to address their organization structure and recruitment needs for leadership, management, clinical and non-clinical teams.

Employers that focus on hiring people from diverse backgrounds will help to create a team better calibrated to the varied needs of diverse patients. Employers should be building teams that are medically knowledgeable but also empathetic and culturally sensitive to colleagues and patients.

We design and implement HR, learning and people development initiatives to attract, engage and retain the best people. Working with HR and learning and development functions, we focus on leadership development, building talent pipelines and succession plans.

We also recruit specialists in agile technologies, software, digital, data protection, security and analytics that enable healthcare providers and management firms to improve the quality of patient care.

Healthcare and life sciences leadership requires a more strategic, holistic and multi-dimensional approach.

Our healthcare, pharmaceutical and life-sciences leadership candidates are driving changes in patient-centric models. They are strategic and can quickly identify control and cost saving initiatives to increase shareholder returns.

As these industries continue to be disrupted by technology innovation and increased patient and customer expectations, most companies need to invest in strong leadership and experts to lead change projects.

Having business focused and commercially astutue leaders is important in all areas of the organization as it provides strong analysis, insights, innovation, risk mitigation and decision making.

As hospitals and other primary medical institutions look to strengthen their management capabilities, we are working with them to build their leadership and specialist talent focusing in areas of people, financial and supply chain management.

We continue to transform our clients by making leadership development a priority.

Innovation, digital disruption and increasing patient and customer expectations require strong leadership capabilities and behaviours.

Our in-depth and relevant programs are making significant impact on current and high-potential leaders who are starting to deliver key objectives by successfully overcoming organizational challenges enabling significant positive changes to impact innovation, profitability and growth.

Our interactive action learning programs enable healthcare and life sciences managers and senior level executives to
adopt the most appropriate management model and style for their business environment.

By the end of the program, you are able to analyse team members and influence performance outcomes by applying an effective performance management system using coaching.

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