Hiring the Right Leadership Will Make the Organization A Success

What Skills & Characteristics Are You Looking For In Your Next Leadership Hire?

Selecting a leader has a significant impact on the success and future of an organisation.

Today’s boardroom is complex and creating a strategically focused Board is a challenge. With a focus on business continuity, newly appointed senior leaders are expected to hit the ground running.

Forward thinking organisations focus on different backgrounds and experiences to give them a competitive edge by adding diverse expertise which brings better ideas and innovation.

Whether a planned or sudden change in leadership, it causes uncertainty and anxiety – the best way to alleviate those fears is a smooth appointment and transition of leadership.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Leadership Team

#1 Sound decision making capability – successful executives will have a credible track record of decisions that have positively impacted an organisation, whether this is commercial, financial or through people skills.

#2 High emotional intelligence – authentic, self-awareness, listens and speaks well, synthesizes information, shows empathy and compassion. Extrovert people are not always a good choice as they may be too dominant to allow others to participate and be recognized.

#3 Leadership – they must have the confidence to lead and influence. Being placid will not serve well – they need to challenge, be challenged and open to receive feedback to improve their performance and contribution. Encouraging others to contribute requires a genuine interest in people.

You need robust executive search and recruitment strategies to identify the competencies and personality traits to assess whether the candidate is your next leadership appointment.

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