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Hospitality and leisure companies are navigating an increasingly competitive environment with a smaller customer base.

The Gulf region has developed a world class reputation as one of the greatest destinations to visit and hotel owners, operators, franchises and airlines thrive on corporate and leisure travelers.

Visitor attractions, airlines, destination management, car rental companies, travel agencies, concierge services, sports and international and local hospitality brands continuously redefine the entire customer journey to stay relevant and competitive.

As these industries reopen more globally to a newer normal, customers will be looking for innovation, convenience and service excellence. All these will be based on vastly changed customer expectations related to technology, ease of the customer experience and most importantly health risk mitigation.

Our clients value our discerning approach to sourcing regional experienced mid to senior level candidates across a wide spectrum of functions in brand and boutique hotels, hospitality management, food services and MICE.

Equally, our strength is working with organizations to recruit senior leaders, managers and functional experts in strategy, innovation, digitalization and customer experience.

We ensure that your employees are motivated and engaged as put themselves at the heart of a positive customer experience, hether your business priorities are mergers and acquisitions, customer experience strategy and management, digital and technology transformation or optimizing operational excellence.

Customers today have more choices of where to dine than ever before. It is not enough for restaurants to simply offer value for money – customers are looking for a personalized and memorable experience each time they dine with you and connect with your brand.

Whether it is dine in, pick up or a delivery order, customers are looking for quality, menu options, value and knowledgeable and friendly employees.

The reality is that businesses allocate and spend budgets on digital and customers leaving employee initiatives underinvested. This is especially more in smaller and franchised companies.

Employee responsibilities change as the customer experience to transformed to almost a digital experience. By evaluating our clients’ organization structure, roles and remuneration, we design and implement initiatives that make work more meaningful, multi-skill the workforce to increase engagement and create development opportunities to retain the best and high potential employees.

By taking a strategic approach to employee engagement, we are enabling our clients to redefine and transform the customer experience to increase loyalty, market share and profitability.

The customer expects employees to deliver a positive experience, regardless of technological advances, automated processes, or manual activities. Restaurant organizations must have employees who are ready to deliver on these expectations.

We build workforces that directly impact customer experience and retention – contact us and we will show you how we can also help your organization.

Technology is driving your brand value and influences whether someone buys from you.

As the leisure industry becomes more efficient, quicker and leaner through data and technology, guest experiences are being revolutionized and driving operational excellence.

The rise of tech start ups and private equity investment has created great opportunities for intermediary players in the supplier to customer ecosystem.

We partner with our clients to help them build technology transformation teams who are specialists in augmented reality, AI, machine learning, cognitive computing, digital assistants, intuitive marketing, digital assistants and booking tools.

To compete for the customer’s business and retention, the travel and hospitality industry needs to transform its traditional business model and step up their game with disruptive technology platforms.

For organizations that are lagging behind with legacy systems and have yet to connect their customer with their brand through a technology and data driven personalized journey, all is not lost.

Our expertise in these sectors have enabled our clients to build capabilities in digital and customer transformation.

Our expertise is cultivating employee engagement that creates positive customer experiences.

Whilst the hospitality, leisure and travel industries’ recovery is likely to be slower than others, organizations need to take care of their employees through effective talent management and employee engagement.

Plum Jobs HR Advisory© is helping leading hospitality, leisure and events companies navigate their environment with greater confidence to build a more sustainable future.

We drive optimal business outcomes by leading initiatives to rethink and redesign organization structures, HR practices and processes.

With artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cybersecurity, digital marketing and other significant technological advances, we are working with our clients in these industries to identify critical roles particularly in strategy, customer engagement and technology.

We design and implement initiatives that create a motivated workforce who connect with their customers and become ambassadors of the customer experience.

By strengthening their people capabilities through more robust recruitment, engagement and retention initiatives, our clients are undergoing cultural transformation and building innovative and customer centric leadership teams.

Simply by operating differently, we are enabling our clients to hire better calibre employees, reduce their employee turnover and related costs and improve people and business performance.

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