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How do you compete with Amazon without eCommerce leadership talent?

Ecommerce has impacted how businesses develop their sales and marketing strategies as online stores and marketplaces provide endless opportunities for affordable scalability, faster expansion and customer and revenue growth as more and more brands with their audience on a unified platform.

With ecommerce businesses heavily investing in their website and online presence, the priority in creating user-centric designs and intuitive applications has led to a surge in the demand for software engineering, user experience, interface design, data analytics, marketing intelligence skills and capabilities.

The average conversion rate for ecommerce sites is on average between 2-3%, driving relevant traffic, order fulfillment, cybersecurity and competition to be the most common challenges for e-commerce businesses.

6 tips to improve the quality of your recruitment process to hire the right ecommerce leader

#1 Plan the recruitment process – outline the interview process for all those involved in the hiring and decision making as this will create a seamless process which will engage the right candidates.

With our extensive experience of recruiting for the e-commerce sector, we have identified five disciplines which account of 85% of roles we have filled in the last five years: software engineers, user experience and website design, digital marketing, paid advertising and data analysis.

#2 ecommerce leadership – hire senior ecommerce leaders who have genuinely made an impact driving brand strategy and growth holistically rather than purely focusing on the natural market evolution of online retail.

With the pandemic changing the world forever, perhaps one of the most impacted sectors is retail and the growth of ecommerce. Established brand name retailers with relatively small e-commerce activities have accelerated their online presence to drive an increased volume of sales by capturing multichannel customers.

#3 Determine the reporting line for an ecommerce leader to attract the right level of candidate – ecommerce leaders who have experience of being directly involved in executive strategy and planning that drives the company’s direction and have P&L responsibility.

#4 Articulate your goals – set the expectation of how big you anticipate the e-commerce business to grow to, the multichannel strategies to maximize customer engagement and loyalty and how much the organization is planning to invest in achieving these goals. This will help to attract and recruit the right candidate as you can then differentiate between the one who can build an ecommerce business from scratch and one that can scale an existing business – building a business from scratch, optimizing an existing business and scaling requires very different capabilities and mindset.

#5 Renumeration and reward – to ensure that you are attracting the best talent, it is important to define the metrics to assess how bonuses and incentives are assessed. Organizations are looking at revenue performance, multi-channel sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty to encourage companywide cooperation across all departments.

# 6 Capabilities and traits to look for – strategic mindset, operation expertise of delivering results with a pragmatic and adaptable approach and thrives in a fast-paced and competitive environment. Strong understanding of technology to identify and optimize the most effective shopping cart solution, inventory management and CRM systems, analytics and metrics.

Ecommerce leaders must be strategic in mindset. An ideal e-commerce candidate envisions long-term market potential and business opportunities, generates strategies for addressing future market scenarios, and positions the business to capitalize on them using innovative and analytical thinking. Strategic executives will be adept at employing research and customer data and drawing upon best practices to drive the business. The strategic leader also seeks out opportunities that are game-changing for the business.

The ability to drive traffic, increase profitable sales and win in a mature market is tough – finding the right game changer is critical to the success of any e-commerce business.

To achieve profitable long-term growth, ecommerce leaders need to identify the right products to sell, how to capture quality leads and attract and retain the right customers that will spend, the most optimal platforms, channels and messaging and undoubtedly the right technology and partners.

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