HR Advisory

“Human Resources is not rocket science ….. it’s expertise combined with emotional intelligence and a business mindset.” – Deepa Sud

We work with business leaders to deliver strategic HR to create their competitive advantage for long term growth and profitability.

We understand what matters most to people and we build a rewarding employee experience so you can get your employee experience right which in turn will get your customer experience right.

How We Help Our Clients Succeed

  • Create and align HR and people strategies, operating models and their value to the business objectives
  • Attract, engage and retain high performance talent.
  • Build a lean workforce to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency
  • Simplify HR operations, processes and systems to transform talent attraction and management to support the business strategy with more efficient ways of working.
  • We become an integral part of your corporate resilience, business continuity and organization’s success.
Plum Jobs HR Advisory to build your ideal company

HR Effectiveness Aligned with Organizational Effectiveness

As organizations embrace the need for strategic HR to improve organization performance, we know that strategic human resource management drives talent acquisition and management, optimal performance through successful strategy execution.

Every organization goes through evolution as external forces drive monumental changes and those that are more strategic and agile weather these changes more successfully.

We are detailed enough to design a granular organization structure based on the right people fulfilling the right role which incorporates the role, accountabilities, competencies, compensation and reward.

We create a robust HR operating model which is the foundation of effective strategy execution to enable growth and scalability.

We build your workforce for tomorrow by identifying critical roles and capabilities to enable you to build a talent pipeline.

We drive behaviourial change to optimize operational capability and enable cross functional collaboration.

Plum Jobs HR Advisory HR Effectiveness Aligned with Organizational Effectiveness

Cultural and Workforce Transformation

Transforming workforce culture takes a tremendous amount of commitment and time but the results are worth every grain of effort.

We understand that change is hard for every human being and our expertise in working at organizational, team and individual level enables us to build a dynamic organization.

We assess the current culture – our in-depth evaluations of the workplace and people dynamics through interviews, focus groups, surveys and analytics enables us to truly understand your business before we make any recommendations.

We focus on your strengths – by identifying the gaps in people’s performance and HR related aspects that are holding back the organization, we work with leaders to build strategies to improve engagement and performance.

We identify organizational culture – based on our assessments, industry benchmarking and analysis, we define what culture is best suited to enhance the organization to succeed.

We drive the change – by aligning the future culture with the organization’s strategy, we work with the leadership team to embed the culture across the organization and all HR and people strategies and frameworks.

Plum Jobs HR Advisory for Cultural and Workplace Transformation

What's Next For Your Business?

If you can relate to what you have just read and are looking for pragmatic solutions for your human resources and recruitment challenges and concerns, whether realated to leadership or teams, let’s have a chat and we’ll guide you to success bearing in mind your business objectives.