Competencies: Accelerate Productivity & Learning

“If you think you can do something, that's confidence. If you can do it, that's competence.” – Anonymous

Is your organization lacking knowledge about competencies that drive people and business performance?

Competency is a combination of skills, behaviour and knowledge and is important in the workplace productivity, skills and learning enhancement.

It is becoming increasingly crucial for organizations to assess employees whether for interviews, reviews, promotion, performance management or identifying high potentials.

By implementing competencies within the organization, there are less HR issues related to recruitment, promotions, performance management and succession plans.

Plum Jobs competencies skills course to accelerate productivity and learning

Why You Should Participate to Improve People Performance and Learning

Our action learning program is uniquely designed based on developing and implementing skills, behaviour and technical competency frameworks, including defining job specific competencies, to enable you to improve the workforce capabilities, hiring decisions and performance measurement.

Who Should Participate

  • Business owners who want to implement competency-based models in their business.
  • Managers and HR professionals who need to design, develop, implement competencies and assess their teams.
Plum Jobs competencies skills course
What You Will Take Away to Create a Culture of Self Improvement and Continuous Learning
  • Learn how to design a competency framework in line with business goals and organization structure.
  • Ability to apply competencies for recruitment, selection and succession plans and measure skills and competencies.
  • Develop skills and techniques to communicate and implement competency framework systems and get buy-in from all stakeholders.
  • Learn how to conduct a gap analysis in employee competencies vs role competencies.
  • Learn how to use behaviourial and skills competencies in performance management cycles to evaluate and motivate employees.
  • Develop the ability to use competencies to assess training needs and create development action plans to improve performance and retain high calibre employees.

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