Employee Relations, Disciplinary & Grievance: Build an Engaged Team

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute”. – Simon Sinek

Will your business performance improve by creating a trusting and supporting environment at work where all employees are valued?

Everyone wants motivated and engaged employees as this leads to better performance and a more fun workplace. Yet so many organizations cannot build a happy workforce.

Employee engagement and relations influences every business decision and outcome in an organization. 

Creating a trusting and supporting environment at work will ensure that all employees are valued and any issues related to their employment are treated with sensitivity and fairness.

Plum Jobs employe engagement skills course for disciplinary and grievances

Why You Should Participate to Build A Motivated and Engaged Team

Our action learning program with real life situations is designed to equip participants with skills and techniques to build a harmonious working culture that builds, improves and maintains strong employee relationships. 

The techniques in this in-depth program will enable participants to maintain positive employee relations by introducing employee related strategies such as motivation, managing performance, team building, discipline, grievances, handling difficult employees, conflict resolution, dealing with employee feedback.

Who Should Participate

Business owners, HR professionals, and line managers who want to develop or enhance their skills and techniques to increase employee engagement and improve employee relations.

Plum Jobs Coaching Employee Experience Journey to Engage Employees
What You Will Take Away to Improve Your Employee Experience
  • Learn how to link organization values and culture to ER to create a culture that encourages harmonious working relationships.
  • Learn how to improve leadership performance to lead change, increase morale and engagement and business performance.
  • Learn how to create a working culture that fosters collaboration, improved morale, leadership and greater productivity.
  • Learn how to engage all leadership and management levels in “owning” employee relations and engagement.
  • Learn how to distinguish between job satisfaction and employee motivation which impacts engagement, productivity and business profitability.
  • Learn how to manage performance and engagement with feedback, reward and recognition for loyalty and productivity.
  • Learn how to diagnose root causes of suboptimal levels of engagement and develop appropriate solutions.
  • Learn methods to assess your current employee motivation and engagement and increase both.
  • Learn how to link organization values and culture to ER to create a culture that encourages harmonious working relationships by ensuring all employee issues are handled sensitively and effectively.
  • Learn how to design, implement and manage effective employee relations and engagement frameworks and programs and measure their success.
  • Learn to identify root causes of conflict and overcome them with a win-win outcome.
  • Learn how to effectively deal with performance issues and modify behaviours to get a positive outcome.

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