Leadership for High Performance: Boost Engagement and Productivity

"The price of greatness is responsibility." – Winston Churchill

Do you want to increase employee engagement and productivity for better business performance and profitability?

Attracting, retaining and growing gives an organization a competitive advantage as you are able build a healthy talent pipeline of high potential individuals who are ready to move into new roles as your busines scales and grows.

Having the capabilities to coach, delegate, confidently deal with poor performance and difficult situations and lead change are some of the differentiating qualities that sets a high potential leader apart from their peer group.

Organizations that priortize leadership skills for high performance outpace their competitors as they increase employee engagement and productivity.

Plum Jobs high performance leadership skills course

Why You Should Participate to Boost Engagement and Productivity

Our interactive action learning programme enables you to build a high-performance team by introducing a coaching culture across your business to improve processes, leverage performance and create a strong employer brand.

Who Should Participate

Leaders who want to improve their team’s performance and increase productivity.

Plum Jobs leadership for high performance to boost productivity and engagement skills course
What You Will Take Away for High Performance Leadership

How to manage

  • Enhance your capabilities to inspire, influence, empower, overcome individual and group resistance and handle misaligned people
  • Learn how to manage talent, build succession pipelines, foster collaboration and continuous learning to build an engaged workforce and optimize business performance.
  • Develop skills to manage remotely to optimize performance, build collaboration and manage bottlenecks and workflows.
  • Develop behaviours and techniques to chair meetings, discussions and presentations effectively and efficiently to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Enhance your skills as a coach and mentor for improved performance management – reviews, setting goals, measuring outcomes and two-way feedback
  • Enhance your skills in recruitment, interviewing and onboarding new team members successfully.
  • Develop greater depth of critical thinking mindset to think and act more logically and systematically to be innovative, make decisions and solve problems.
  • Learn to create strategies and plans that promote high performance and eradicate barriers that are holding teams back from achieving business goals.
  • Learn to shift organizational culture to higher accountant ability, engagement and productivity.
  • Learn how to create a culture of continuous improvement and learning to increase employee performance and retention.
  • Learn how to get the best out of your team through motivation, engagement, empowerment and dvelopment.
  • Understand the dynamics of interpersonal and team behaviours related to organizational performance and effectiveness.
  • Understand what drives and motivates individuals and groups; leverage their behaviours and capabilities to inspire their best performance.

Business Skills

  • Learn what drives high performance in your organization and identify critical business goals to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Learn how to be more strategic, implement and executive actionable plans to achieve business goals within your areas of responsibility.
  • Learn how to set goals, KPIs, metrics and dashboards and use data to make sound business decisions and turn strategy into positive outcomes.
  • Learn how to assess current systems, processes and organization structures to create a lean, efficient and profitable environment.
  • Learn how to ask the right questions to improve critical thinking and decision-making for strategic advantages.

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