Learning & Development Strategies & Tools: Create Lifelong Learning

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” – Henry Ford

Is your company lagging behind because learning and development is old-fashioned or non-existent?

Today there is a premium on upskilling and reskilling with the fast-paced changes in technology and business models.

HR and L&D leaders need to take on a more strategic role to develop a strategy for continuous learning and improvement to identify and enable capabilities and behaviours needed for sustainable success.

The challenge to recruit, engage and retain employees for a competitive advantage lies in building a culture of coaching, continuous improvement and learning.

Many businesses lack learning and development strategies and do not invest in the tools to develop their people.  To succeed, organizations also need to take a strategic approach to lifelong learning as it is about creating and sustaining a positive attitude to learning for both professional and personal development.

Plum Jobs skills course for continuous learning and development

Why You Should Participate to Create a Culture of Continuous Learning and Improvement

Our interactive, action learning program equips you with the skills to create a culture of learning and engineer an effective learning & development program to close the skills and behaviours gaps, engage the workforce and retain your most talented people.
With the tools and techniques that you have learnt, we enable you to implement your learning in your organization.

Who Should Participate

Business owners, learning and development specialists, HR professionals and managers who want to implement learning, development and continuous improvement in their organization.

Plum Jobs new skills course
What You Will Take Away to Create Lifelong Learning to Improve Your Business
  • Learn the strategic benefits of learning, development and training and aligning training with the organization’s business goals, getting buy in for learning, promoting training within the organization.
  • Learn how to identify which organizational learning and development model to use based on strategic objectives.
  • Learn how to conduct a cost benefit analysis for external training.
  • Learn how to develop learning and development frameworks for line managers to utilize in their teams.
  • Learn to develop a training strategy which includes policies, procedures and training plans.
  • Learn how to master the competencies of an effective training and development specialist.
  • Learn how to design an effective learning sequence that gives the desired outcomes.
  • Learn to identify and differentiate learning styles and preferences and apply the most appropriate methods to gain optimal outcomes.
  • Have the ability to develop, implement and manage training needs analyses and create development plans.
  • Learn how to develop engaging and impactful training presentations and materials - hard copy, in person and online.
  • Learn how to design training evaluations and interpret ROI analysis to improve future sessions.

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