Onboarding & Induction: Welcome Aboard!

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” - Theodore Roosevelt

Are you looking to reduce the pain of high employee turnover by improving your onboarding? Is your induction program outdated?

It’s time to transform your existing induction week to a strategic onboarding program if you want your new employees to start performing effectively quickly, learn more completely and stay with your organization for longer.

Onboarding a new hire is critical to creating a great candidate experience for a new employee.  A successful onboarding program actually begins during the recruitment process.

Often companies neglect to consider the whole process from when a candidate first engages with your brand to joining your organization.

Extensive research shows that new hires decide in the first six months whether they want to stay with your organization or not and effective onboarding has a big influence on their decision.

Confused about induction vs onboarding? You're not alone. Being able to build long-term benefical programs requires expertise to connect employer-employee alignment and an understanding of performance and expected results.

Business leaders, functional managers and HR departments all have a vital role to play in establishing robust onboarding and induction experiences to engage and retain employees.

Plum Jobs onboarding and induction skills course to improve employee retention

Why You Should Participate to Improve Employee Effectivess and Productivity

Our interactive program enables participants to create a stellar new hire onboarding experience to accelerate a new hire integration into the organization.

Who Should Participate

  • HR specialists who want to learn new onboarding skills or enhance their existing skills.
  • Business owners who want to introduce or enhance their onboarding process.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their organization’s employee onboarding experience.
Plum Jobs onboarding and induction for new employeees to improve productivity
What You Will Take Away to Increase Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Learn to design an onboarding program with key features and checklists.
  • Learn to prepare your organization and team for a new team member.
  • Learn how to develop and manage a remote onboarding program.
  • Learn to design and implement a 30/60/90-day plan.
  • Learn to design an onboarding pack.
  • Learn to design new hire feedback templates.
  • Learn to design a Day 1 program for a new hire.
  • Gain the ability to establish onboarding goals and evaluate onboarding process effectiveness.
  • Ability to define key roles' accountability during onboarding programs.
  • Be able to distinguish between company induction vs job orientation.

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