Recruitment & Talent Succession Planning: A Strategic Approach

“We can raise the talent bar, but you have to do something different. You can’t do what you are currently doing today” – Lou Adler

Does your organization have a talent management strategy to recruit for tomorrow and the future or is just a daily knee jerk reaction?

Today’s talent acquisition and recruitment should be based on a strategy – creating a strong employer brand, facilitating a smooth onboarding and achieving successful integration into the organization.

Recruitment training can make the difference to your business as the wrong hire could be an expensive mistake.

Adopting a strategic approach to recruitment and talent succession planning requires the right management capabilities to add business value.

Why You Should Participate for Recruitment & Talent Succession Planning

Delivered by C-level HR professionals, our action learning program is designed to build talent acquisition capabilities to enable participants to develop recruitment strategies and processes to accurately identify the role, candidate and skills required to attract and retain the right high-performance candidate.

Participants will be given assignments and activities to practice and hone their shortlisting, interviewing and assessment skills which they can implement in the workplace in any industry.

Who Should Participate

  • HR, talent management and recruitment specialists who want to learn best practices and modern day techniques to get ahead of talent challenges
  • Business owners who are responsible for managing their company's recruitment.
  • Anyone who wants a career in recruitment and talent acquisition.
  • Anyone who interviews candidates and wants to avoid making an expensive mistake of a poor recruitment decision.
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What You Will Take Away to Adopt a Strategic Approach
  • Ability to design and implement an integrated talent management framework in line with your company’s business strategy.
  • Learn how to design effective recruitment, selection and onboarding processes and successfully implement these to gain maximum enterprise-wide buy in.
  • Ability to implement an effective recruitment plan to attract high calibre candidates with the right culture fit.
  • Learn how to write job descriptions and person specifications that attract the right calibre of candidates.
  • Ability to develop and implement competency frameworks for interviews and selection.
  • Learn how to correctly shortlist and assess candidates to filter out unsuitable candidates to save time.
  • Learn different interview methods, techniques and styles and when to use each one.
  • Learn how to assess candidates and evaluate their suitability.
  • Learn how to identify and implement the right KPIs to measure the effectiveness of recruitment and roles filled.
  • Learn how to build an employer brand strategy and implement an action plan to become an employer of choice.
  • Learn how to negotiate employment offers and compensation packages to reduce drop out rates.
  • Learn how to design interview questions, tests and assessment centres for different roles which can be adapted for any ndustry.
  • Learn how to build talent and succession pipelines.
  • Learn to differentiation between succession planning vs external hiring and how to manage both activities.
  • Learn how to design and conduct exit interviews and analyze their results.

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