Strategic HR Leadership: Align HR Strategy with the Organization

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” – Steve Wynn

Do you have the right level of strategic HR leadership experience to make an impact as a business leader? Can you  create a culture where your people are the organization’s competitive advantage?

Many organizations do not treat HR at the same level as other functions in the boardroom and leadership table. Hence, HR does not participate in decision making and providing input for corporate strategies. 

Whilst this may seem unfair or harsh, the reality is that most HR professionals are not adequately equipped with the necessary competencies and behaviours to play a strategic role.

HR leaders can create value by aligning workforce skills, knowledge and capabilities with strategic demands. They can become a strategic business partner where they focus on creating a culture of continuous improvement, identify future critical skills and prepare the current workforce for the changes in work.

Plum Jobs Strategic HR Leadership Skills Course

Why You Should Participate to Gain Stategic HR Leadership Capabilities

Our action learning program is designed learn how to develop and apply six modern day HR strategic competencies and behaviours that will enable you to lead an HR function more effectively in any industry, and act more of a business partner, adding greater value than simply being a transactional function.

You will enhance your competencies and behaviours and apply them to any organization in any industry.

Who Should Participate

  • Senior HR managers who want to upgrade their HR leadership competencies to earn a seat in the boardroom or leadership table and contribute to organizational strategy and success.
  • HR professionals who want to gain strategic skills to advance to leadership roles.
  • Successful organizations that want to master talent strategy development and execution to attract and retain the best talent.
Plum Jobs strategic HR leadership to align HR strategy with the oganization's strategy skills course
What You Will Take Away to Align HR Strategy with Your Organization
  • Learn how to formulate HR strategies and roadmaps to build the organization as a recognized employer of choice.
  • Learn how to incorporte the HR agenda to influence business strategy as an HR leader.
  • Learn how to gain credibility by strengthening the relationship between HR and core business functions.
  • Learn how to prioritize and align HR activities to lead the organization to achieving its business goals.
  • Develop skills and learn techniques to embed business strategy through your people to increase business performance and operational effectiveness.
  • Develop and execute strategies to build a customer centric culture to raise the profile of the HR function.
  • Learn how to implement and use HR analytics to generate business intelligence data and reports to drive business strategy and success.
  • Learn how to create a strategic and efficient HR department that adds value to the organization’s profitability.
  • Create strategies and execute plans to develop a culture of cross functional collaboration, continuous improvement and learning to drive people engagement to increase productivity and business performance.

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