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A lack of the right experience and skills is one of the biggest reasons why organizations either fail or stagnate. The demand for the best candidates is going to increase with time and the only way for an organization to stay competitive is to ensure that the right people are recruited, retained, motivated and developed.

The future of HR is now and the role of HR needs to change to become a true partner solving critical business challenges by evolving into people-centric function and take the lead in enhancing the employee experience, understanding what makes people engaged, what drives them to be most productive and what skills they need to embrace an evolving workplace dominated by new technologies and innovations.

We are working with business leaders who require an HR function that is more strategic and has a people focused approach to enable them to achieve their business objectives and outpace their competition. This involves HR transitioning from being an administration department to be the backbone of the organisation with the right people infrastructure to help employees strengthen their skills, recruit higher calibre individuals, drive people engagement and culture change.

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What Our Clients Say About Us
“I appointed Plum Jobs when I joined the organization as the CEO as I felt that we lacked the HR skills and depth of experience that we needed to move our business into a new era. We required senior HR capabilities to evaluate our current organization structure, workforce capabilities, HR processes and systems and recruitment. In addition, we were also looking for guidance on our learning and leadership development as this had not previously been done. Aside from Plum Jobs leading our organization restructure, workforce assessments and implementing our HR processes and systems, we have made significant progress in recruiting more professional candidates who are performing beyond our expectations and have also seen steady performance improvements in our employees as they are learning new skills through the development programs that Plum Jobs has devised and implemented. We are continuing to work with Plum Jobs as they play a big part in our success and future.”
insurance company

“As our business grew we required a bilingual HR Director and we were very pleased that Plum Jobs were able to help us recruit exactly what we needed. We had not used a recruitment agency before and we found the entire process very easy with them. We interviewed very good quality candidates and this made it easier for us to recruit someone. Plum Jobs helped us put together their induction program and settled our new HR Director into the role.”
Managing Director
regional food manufacturer


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