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Today’s most enduring competitive advantage is the ability to make insightful recruitment decisions about leaders to mitigate risk.
Globalization combined with technological innovation and changing customer expectations have led to accelerated pace of change in the business world. Effective leadership is critical to every organization’s survival and growth as the success and strength of the organisation in implementing and executing its strategies lies with its leadership. Today’s businesses are challenged with recruiting and retaining high caliber senior industry professionals.

We have successfully headhunted senior executives across a wide spectrum of skills ranging from kickstarting growth, developing products and services, regional expansion, family business restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. Our leadership candidates are successful as they lead by influencing through integrity, trust and respect. They make decisions quickly based on sound judgement and are receptive to new ideas, feedback and contributions.

Plum Jobs Executive© understands the challenges and dynamics of the skills and talent shortage as organisations need to have succession plans in place for tomorrow’s leaders. Our in-depth understanding of local markets enables us to define the role and remuneration based on industry benchmarking and insight.

What Our Clients Say About Us
“I appointed Plum Jobs Executive© when I took over as the Group CEO to work with me on assessing the current management team, developing a succession plan, restructuring the organization and headhunting for several group leadership roles for our 20,000+ workforce. I had worked with the Plum Jobs team previously so I knew their HR and headhunting capabilities. During a 4 month assignment, we achieved what we set out to do and during this time, they supported us by coaching our mid and senior managers through the transition, having difficult conversations with some of the managers and employees and ensured that each employee’s concern was dealt with fairly and respectfully. There are many recruitment and HR agencies but Plum Jobs stands out for their sincerity, respect for people and expertise. They work well at finding business- riented solutions that fit in with the culture and organization requirement. Plum Jobs is part of our family.”

Group CEO, MENA conglomerate

Need Help?
Plum Jobs Executive© is a well-established and credible executive search consultancy – contact us or call on +971 552 167567 if you would like to discuss how we can successfully help you recruit functional leaders for your organisation.

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