Aspiring Managers: Learn to Lead Effectively

“Every great leader can take you back to a defining moment when they decided to lead.” - John Paul Warren

Are you looking to jump start your managerial career? Do you need to learn the fundamentals of modern-day management to lead effectively

As organizations flatten, it is becoming increasingly more competitive to launch a career in management and get a breakthrough as a young manager.

By developing core management skills and behaviours, high performing employees need to start honing their leadership capabilities together with their cross-functional knowledge and business acumen to successfully lead businesses and teams.

Great leadership is vital to business evolution and requires leaders who lead with a sense of purpose and human touch. By knowing their purpose, they make choices that they are comfortable with and inspire others to achieve their goals.

Building a strong foundation of leadership skills, behaviours and techniques set aspiring managers on the right course for greater long term success.

Plum Jobs aspiring managers skills course to unlock talent to learn to lead

Why You Should Participate to Build Strong Leadership Capabilities

In the early stages of your career as you aspire to move into your first managerial role, you need the techniques and tools to create your presence, inspire and have a positive effect on others.

Our interactive action learning program is the much-needed catalyst to enable you to make decisions, optimize personal influencing skills, build your internal networks and learn about the dynamics of modern-day management.

You will also learn how to communicate and manage in a goal and result-orientated manner.

By learning in a structured and systematic way, our program focus on self-management, identifying your strengths and managerial traits.

Who Should Participate

  • Young executives, high potential and emergent employees or specialists who are seeking their breakthrough in their first management role to take on a wider span of control with impact.
  • High-potential managers and leaders who are motivated to move to the next level of their career and want to accelerate their career progress.
Plum Jobs aspiring managers skills course where your future starts today
What You Will Take Away to Unlock Your Potential Leadership Skills

Whilst exploring what motivates you, what is holding you back, where you want to go and what fulfills you, the program will enable you to:

  • Learn tools and techniques to become a successful manager by performing well, building collaborative relationships and motivating others to achieve measurable results.
  • Learn how to set goals, measure results and coach for success.
  • Learn self-management optimizing your personal strengths and leading with authenticity.
  • Identify your leadership style and develop the social competence, behaviours and the mindset of high achieving managers.
  • Learn how to build your managerial presence, gravitas and professional brand.
  • Learn the fundamentals of employee engagement, management and development and how to lead change with agility.
  • Learn how to deal with difficult situations, improve your decision making and negotiate for a win-win outcome.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of strategy, revenue generation, customer journey, human resources and finance.
  • Learn how to establish lean structures, systems and processes to optimize business and team performance.

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