Breakthrough for Leaders: Eureka!

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." — Abraham Lincoln

Have you reached the point yet in your life and career where you are asking yourself “what’s pushing me to achieve more?”.

Given the crossroad that you are at that time, you are looking for inspiration to revitalize your drive and ambition.  You need a catalyst to identify how you can improve the quality of your professional journey through learning new skills, enhancing behaviours, increasing team performance and strengthening relationships. 

By identifying your drivers, you can refine your personal leadership purpose in alignment with the purpose of your organization and your career goals.

Understanding the purpose of a leadership role, learning how to inspire and influence to lead for high performance and driving change and continuous improvement will enable you to achieve optimal performance.

Plum Jobs Breakthrough for Managers - Eureka Skills Course

Why You Should Participate To Find Your Career Breakthrough 

Using our extensive CXO HR experience, we have uniquely designed the program to be a catalyst for breakthroughs in your thinking, behaviour, attitude and drive for your professional and personal life to achieve your full potential.

We will work on developing your skills, behaviours to overcome workplace complexity, challenges and stagnation that are holding you, your organization and your career back. By developing leadership strategies for driving change, you will positively impact your leadership performance and transformation.

Our personalized coaching will help you step out of your comfort zone that are self-limiting to find a new purpose that will invigorate to get you into the “flow”.

By focusing on a 2 stage 360º accurate assessment of personal, interpersonal, intra- and extra-organizational dynamics, you will uncover all the factors that are contributing to shaping your behaviour and decisions as a leader. This will help you formulate strategies and actions plans that will energize and reinvigorate you to lead successfully.

By the end of the program you will have a detailed action plan centered around your purpose, leadership style, personal brand and goals.

Who Should Participate

High-potential managers and leaders who are motivated to move to the next level of their career and want to accelerate their career progress.

Plum Jobs Breakthrough in Leadership: Eureka Skills Course
What You Will Take Away to Find Your Eureka!

Whilst exploring what motivates you, what is holding you back, where you want to go and what fulfills you, the program will enable you to:

  • Get to know yourself better and identify the values, goals and ambition that guides you
  • Identify areas of growth to develop new capabilities and behaviours to elevate your career
  • Learn how to tackle the most critical and difficult to solve issues that are limiting you and your organization.
  • Find critical breakthrough insights to develop realistic actions plans for successful outcomes.
  • Find fresh ideas to restore and enhance your energy, motivation and confidence.

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