Strategic Leadership: Lead for Innovation, Profitability & Growth

"Only undertake what you can do in an excellent fashion. There are no prizes for average performance." - Brian Tracy

Are you finding it difficult to deliver profitability, propel your organization towards sustainbale growth and build high-performance teams?

Fundamental to the success of any organization is the strength of its strategic leadership and capabilities in making the right decisions at the right time.

From strategy to design policy, creating change and building a customer centric approach, leaders must be able to drive enterprise value, innovate products and services and deliver profitable shareholder returns.

Whether navigating a complex business environment, managing transformation or change or dealing with an economic downturn, these watershed moments are what separates the elite from the mediocre leaders.

Stategic leadership requires capabilities to implement new methods for delivering new poducts and services quicker and more competitively priced. It is all about outpacing your competitors.

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Why You Should Participate to Become More Strategic for Business Growth

Whether you are looking for an executive coach for one of your leadership team or for yourself, we deliver pragmatic and psycho-babble free coaching that is focused on transforming performance and achieving rapid results for personal and organizational growth.

Our intensive interactive action learning program equips you with business knowledge, capabilities and techniques to build a strong foundation in strategy, finance, operations, people and change management to understand how they integrate for cross-functional collaboration, organizational success and the complexity of challenges across the organization.

By the end of the program you will have practical, real life applications to implement in your workplace for quick wins and long-term sustainability.

We are partnering with organizations to leverage our expertise to increase engagement, performance and revenue growth by :

  • developing your management team to be more people centric and adopt a coaching style of management;
  • working with your managers to create a personalized development to ensure that learning is embedded and built upon;
  • developing your managers to be more business focused and results oriented.

Our programs are designed to take business leaders to the next level and can be delivered 1-on-1 for individuals or a small elite group of high potential employees within an organization.

Who Should Participate?

  • CEOs and managing directors who want to build their leadership and business skills to enhance their identity to inspire and lead.
  • Business leaders who want to advance their skills in their current role and lead their organization 's innovation, profitability and growth.
  • Experienced mid-to-senior level leaders who want to develop broader skills to transition from a functional leader to take on a more general managerial role.
Plum Jobs skills course for strategic leadership for business innovation, profitability and growth
What You Will Take Away to Strategically Lead Innovation, Profitability and Growth

About You

  • Enhance your effectiveness as a senior executive with an integrated approach to you, your organization and your future.
  • Accelerate your leadership skills to lead organizational and culture transformation through vision, confidence and passion.
  • Learn behaviours, skills and techniques to build respect by leading with confidence, resilience and authenticity to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Learn how to navigate and overcome challenges and inspire teams to engage.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence skills as a leader.

Business Skills

  • Learn how to reframe your organizational roadmap to optimize what is working well and what needs to change for new opportunities and growth.
  • Learn how to develop longer term vision, strategies, roadmaps and mobilize an organization to move ahead amid uncertainty
  • Enhance your capabilities to set more strategic goals, metrics and dashboards to transform current systems, processes and organization structure for innovation, sustainable profit and growth.
  • Develop skills to design business unit strategy, structure, systems and skills to deliver innovation, probability and sustainable growth.
  • Gain broad business acumen in strategy, finance, operations, sales, marketing, HR and supply chain.
  • Learn how to improve financial performance, policy and management outcomes for a more sustainable future.
  • Trigger your thought process to research and identify new ideas to innovate your business services and processes.
  • Find new solutions to old and recurring issues and challenges that can be implemented quickly.

Organizational Skills

  • Learn how to implement, measure and achieve culture change and create organizational agility.
  • Learn how to effectively lead change and organizational transformation.
  • Learn how to use data intelligence to predict better outcomes and change internal and external behaviours.
  • Gain a deep understanding of how integrated functions create value and optimize business performance

People Management

  • Refocus on your organization’s strategic people agenda to attract, engage and retain a high potential and high-performance workforce.
  • Develop leadership talent management capabilities to create a continuous improvement culture and identify high potentials to build succession pipelines.
  • Learn skills and behaviours to inspire and engage to successfully lead teams.
  • Develop a mindset to move beyond a reactive risk management approach to proactively communicate and lead.

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