The First 100 Days: The Journey Begins

"A new job is not a new beginning. It is a path to create a new ending." – Unknown

Do you have leaders who are starting new roles and need to make changes and deliver results quickly?

As a newly hired leader, you are expected to hit the ground running and your first 100 days are crucial to your success.

We will help you prepare for your first 100 days focusing on key aspects of your role. Learning how to integrate in your role, team and culture, establish credibility, start building cohesive team and setting objectives and roadmaps will ensure you make a great impact in your first 100 days. After all, you've earned a well-deserved promotion!

As an employer, you’ve invested the time and money to recruit the right leaders and as part of being a great employer, you want to support and develop them so they have a long, productive and successful career with you.

Plum Jobs skills course for first 100 days in a new role

Why You Should Participate to Ensure a Smooth Transiton into Your New Role

Your program is tailor made for each participant based on their role, organization and industry as we match your plan to your business goals so you can make the appropriate changes to deliver your objectives.

By the end of the program you will have the behaviours, skills and techniques to make a fantastic impression in your first 100 days of your new role.

Who Should Participate

Managers who want to successfully integrate into their new role, team and organization and make a positive impact quickly.

Plum Jobs skills course to enable your first 100 days in a new job to be successful
What You Will Take Away to Gain Momemtum and Build a Strong Presence
  • Establish your ground and direction to gain momentum and achieve quick wins in any industry and role.
  • Learn to develop leadership and people management skills to inspire, engage and coach.
  • Learn to think more strategically about your business and new role and formulate action plans to make a positive contribution.
  • Learn how to establish key objectives, goals and action plans for your new role.
  • Create an impactful impression and engage effectively with leadership, stakeholders, teams and customers.
  • Learn how to assess, align, restructure, build capabilities, overcome resistence and accelerate perforamnce within the team you inherited.
  • Learn how to identify key players and influencers across the organization and build collaborative relationships and avoid office politics.
  • Gain techniques to increase your ability to integrate into the new culture and gain acceptance.

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