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With more legal, industry regulatory and commercial requirements combined with the demand from various stakeholders including investors, suppliers and customers, the role of lawyers is evolving to be more business focused.

Stand-alone legal departments do not work in today’s business environment as in-house lawyers are required to move from being traditional, reactive lawyers to more strategic business partners capable of working across broader topics with the aim of being profit drivers rather than part of a cost centre.

Our senior legal candidates have adopted the agenda for in-house legal teams which now include ethical trading, safeguarding against cybersecurity, ensuring data privacy and complying with legislation, creating robust contracts for strategic customer and supplier alliances and mitigating risk.

We recruit internationally qualified candidates from reputable law institutions with experience in legal, company secretarial and compliance, intellectual property, contracts and regulatory.

Where required, our candidates are well-versed with local laws and relevant language fluency such as Arabic-English bilingual and native English speaking.

For a business to succeed, their legal department be a commercial function that drives economic value for the organization.

Whilst many General Counsels have a preference for hiring in-house experience because they are more commercial and have better industry knowledge, there is a shortage of suitability experienced candidates.

We know that legal functions who hire lawyers from law firms have a wider choice of candidates but they find it more difficult to integrate, train, motivate and engage their new hires.

Our HR advisory solutions are transformative experiences for individuals, teams and organizations designed to foster new mindsets and behaviours, train new skills and create environments of continuous learning.

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