What We Do

“Human Resources is not rocket science ….. it’s expertise combined with emotional intelligence and a business mindset.” – Deepa Sud

Today’s Business World Needs Successful Partnerships

We pride ourselves in our philosophy of establishing long lasting relationships by delivering bespoke human resources solutions that enable our clients to sustain growth and achieve long-term success by matching the most qualified and experienced people with suitable positions.

We are a trusted partner with multinational, regional and local enterprises .

Our approach is to listen, coach, advice and challenge the status quo to provide an unbiased service to our clients and candidates and where necessary we choose to walk away when we believe the recruitment expectation or HR assignment is unrealistic.

Our success and reputation stems from delivering exceptional service and we succeed because our clients and candidates value our regional and industry knowledge, integrity, commitment and results.

Our entire team has international HR, executive search and coaching expertise gained from diverse industries, having worked for multinationals and entrepreneurial organisations so we understand the complexity and challenges of recruiting for different business environments and culture.

HR Advisory

Plum Jobs HR Advisory© provides unparalleled enterprise solutions based on our extensive global Human Resources experience.

Understanding your industry, assessing the organization’s culture, and existing leadership dynamics gives us a strong insight into your challenges and we are able to quickly implement practical and cost-effective solutions.

By aligning the HR strategy and its value to the organization, HR operating model and talent acquisition and development with the corporate strategy, our clients succeed because of their competitive advantage.

Our HR solutions transform talent attraction and management and ensure that HR operations support the business strategy with more efficient ways of working. We become an integral part of your corporate resilience, business continuity and organization’s success.

We understand what matters most to people and we build a rewarding employee experience so you can get your employee experience right which in turn will get your customer experience right.

Looking for cost effective HR solutions whilst you build your business?

We will manage your HR function and help you make the best possible decisions by providing you with expert advice and non-biased opinions about HR matters.


We understand what it takes to source high caliber candidates and provide our clients with the efficient service that they require in today’s competitive job market.

We do not believe in forwarding the first available applicant for any vacancy – we present only a shortlist of candidates who are qualified, job-matched and serious about their next career move.

The location, company culture and opportunities for progression are amongst the many considerations we evaluate in determining whether or not a candidate should actually meet a prospective employer.

We never force the fit.  

We always find the best fit candidates who delivers what they say they can do.

Career Success Coaching

Career coaching and mentoring helps tremendously when you are faced with a change, new job, promotion or job searching and you just want to take stock of or feeling lost about where you are now and where you want to be.

Our programs help you identify what you are aspiring to in your career, understand your skills and capabilities and guide you in choosing the best path for you to follow that will fulfil your ambitions. This maybe progressing in your existing organization or a complete change of direction where you need to develop or improve some skills and behaviours.

As part of the journey, we will guide you to find your own answers and solutions to enhance your comprehension, strategic and critical thinking, decision making and accountability.

Since our programs are tailor made just for you, we work with you on real life scenarios and the practical, role-relevant learning is adapted to your learning needs. The ongoing assessments will enable us to measure progress and bridge the gaps.

Ready to unlock your potential to reach your personal and professional goals?

We will work with to develop easy actionable plans which have optimal impact to achieve your goals.

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