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Construction and engineering have been deeply affected by the rise of Industry 4.0 and digital technology.

The rapid advancement of technology, automation, robotics and smarter software has allowed organisations to be more innovative, efficient and cost effective in the manufacturing and engineering sectors strongly focusing on substantial cost savings through more efficient materials sourcing, production and supply chain. With a greater focus on indoor-outdoor living, sustainability and smart technology in our homes and workplaces, new construction methods and building technologies are shaping residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings.

Infrastructure projects are becoming larger and more complex. As innovations in BIM technology, integration of 3D printing and modular construction off-site becoming more prevalent, industry leaders are recognizing the need to transform their organization’s culture to be more multi-skilled and diverse.  From concept, design, architecture and finishing, construction, design, architecture, interior design, procurement, safety, operations we provide executive search and recruitment solutions for architectural firms, design consultants and contractors, property developers and real estate organisations.

Our skilled project leadership and management candidates are able to deliver large value projects within budget and on schedule, whilst effectively managing client, consultant, contractor and vendor relationships.

To keep up with the pace of emerging technologies businesses need to hire the skills and upskill their employees to stay competitive and optimize performance.

Plum Jobs partners with construction and industrial organizations in headhunting and recruitment of leadership and technical roles where our candidates can demonstrate that they have created new business, operating models and structures and are leading initiatives to create continuous improvement environments.

Our candidates are focused on leveraging business opportunities in mature markets, improving productivity and supply chains in a lean environment with lower costs and less resources.

No business can afford to stand still - the pace of technology and market changes is outpacing the speed at which companies can stay abreast.

As their business models evolve significantly, we continue to work with our clients to establish new organizations structures, hire industry leadership and technical specialists and help the drive cultural transformation.

We enable individuals and leadership teams orientate an agile culture that is more open to change and responsive to market and customer needs.

Technical leadership roles are changing. Strong engineering and technical leadership requires vital competencies like decision making, networking, financial and business skills.

These industries are facing change and challenges at multiple levels including workforce demographics and culture and they all link back to talent.

As contractors and firms change the way they win, plan and deliver projects, construction and engineering leaders are being forced to deliver more with team that have lesser developed skill sets. The role of leaders and partners in consulting and contracting firms needs to change. They can no longer only be technical experts, they all need to be coaches and change agents.

By working more closely cross-functionally with their leadership team and HR function, they need to champion the need for an organizational cultural transformation to build an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

When recruiting executive level and functional leaders in these industries, we focus on candidates who demonstrate that have successfully transitioned themselves and their organizations into being agile, resilient and positioned are drivers of change.

Our senior candidates improve strategic relevance through linking specialisms and corporate strategies. Their strong capabilities in emergency management and business continuity planning, statutory compliance, sustainability and environmental stewardship enable them to overcome inadequate funding, rapid changes in technology, shortages in labor resources.

Needless to say, a lack of the right professional leadership can lead to catastrophic financial losses.

Increasingly we are advising our clients to recruit leadership and managerial candidates who are well-versed not only in technical or engineering skills but also in soft skills such as entrepreneurial thinking, coaching and people development.

By focusing on shortlisting candidates who can demonstrated business and professional skills as well as technical expertise, we are enabling our clients to hire future leaders. When hiring for leadership and managerial roles, we look for high potential capabilities such as identifying new business opportunities, leading innovation and managing teams and projects effectively. 

We recognize that businesses in the engineering and construction value chain lack the urgency to adopt new technologies and many of them are operating non-profitable business models.

Whether a result of low productivity, poor policies for cost effective and value driven procurement and supply chain and commoditization of products and services with reduced margins, we are working with business leaders to redesign their organization structure, identify critical leadership and specialist roles and hire the right talent to enable them to kick start their transformation to increase productivity and customer value.

Many of our clients are starting to turn a corner and have started thriving rather than just surviving

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