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Reality is that new clients are essential for growing your business and surviving in todays’ competitive market. Your sales force must be one of your most strategic priorities as catalyst for innovation and to increase market share, growth and profitability.

Today’s senior sales leadership are faced with increased competition in already saturated markets and greater profit-margin accountability. They must demonstrate strong business and financial acumen, cross-functional skills, be data driven and customer-centric. If your sales team is not already building strategic relationships with customers, becoming a problem solver with solutions sales and shaping their role to be customer-centric to meet clients’ changing needs then you are way behind the curve and missing out of revenue opportunities.

Organizations must take a more strategic approach to business development, customer acquisition and retention across omni-channels with greater demand for commercial and analytical skills to create sustainability. As organizations are being forced to redefine their sales structure and operations, we are working with business leaders to recruit stellar sales leadership and teams who are focused on profitability rather than only sales volumes.

We specialize in recruiting strategic and results driven senior sales leaders, replacing non-performers and implementing the right salary and compensation packages to attract and retain high performance experienced individuals.

Effective senior sales leadership increases innovation and growth in today's complex selling environment.

Often companies promote their strongest salesperson into a sales management role but this is not always a successful appointment. Sales leadership is about more than just being a great salesperson. 

Because we know that a sales leader has to be a combination of customer-centric, able to generate high sales margins and be an inspiring and engaging team manager, we focus our executive search and shortlisting on candidates with a demonstrable record of developing and executing data driven sales strategies and building and retaining high performance teams.

As our clients are often launching new products and services, entering new markets or scaling, the candidates we present are well-versed in successfully leading organizations through change. 

Are you ready to hire successful sales leaders who can improve lead quality, implement the most effective sales processes, develop strategic partnerships and integrate multichannel business models?

Fundamental to building sustainable revenue growth starts with hiring and retaining a successful sales organization.

We know that most organizations business development, sales and account management teams are not aligned with their business strategies. Plum Jobs helps you build that organization quickly allowing you to start generating increased revenue soon.

Business development requires strong sales effectiveness, business and financial acumen, data driven and client and consumer centric capabilities. This new commercial and analytical approach is critical for your success. 

Inside sales is fast becoming integral to scaling client acquisition and retention and revenue growth but to convert prospects into new business without face-to-face meetings requires the right strategy, sales processes and talented people who are natural at dealing with customers.

There are many strategies to drive sales growth but all these require strong leadership and a talented sales organization. Talk to us to help you build and retain a profitable sales organization.

Chief Sales Officers, Country & Regional Sales Leadership

How to align your corporate strategy, sales leaders and teams with the customer growth and retention. There are many strategies to drive sales growth but all these require strong sales leadership and a talented sales organization.

Client acquisition and retention is vital for growing your business in today’s dramatic economic environment, and sales leaders are faced with increased competition, market saturation, profit and margin accountability. The sales leadership role has changed significantly as the remit of sales and business development has evolved – customers do not need sales as they did previously – customers are looking for strategic long-term relationships with solutions sales.

Our senior client acquisition, business development and sales candidates have strong capabilities to recruit, build and retain high performance sales teams with defined KPIs and a forecasting and pipeline process and a roadmap for front-line sales management coaching. In turn, the team is motivated to analyze customer data to find profitable new opportunities, build strategic partnerships and retain customers. If your sales and revenue are lagging, our expertise in business development and sales recruitment provides regionally experienced candidates who can develop sales and go to market strategies and adaptive sales methodologies based on market insight and build and retain the right sales organization.

Our results driven candidates have the ability to deliver engaging value proposition messaging to multilevel decision makers by developing competitive differentiators. Our senior business development candidates have the experience to demonstrate revenue and profit growth through developing and implementing pricing, customer engagement, contact centre optimization and strong industry networks of regional C-level and senior executive decision makers.

We can help you headhunt and recruit the best industry sales leadership to give your organization a competitive advantage and grow your business – contact us for an initial discussion.

Sales Compensation & Incentives

Are you and your sales team missing sales targets? Do you need to build a strong team to reduce high employee turnover?

Most organizations fail at developing and implementing the optimal sales compensation model because it involves managing a fine balance between payroll cost and retention.

Businesses that consistently grow their client base and revenue do not achieve this by chance. They achieve this by strong leadership, the right sales team, sales systems and most importantly sales incentives. This has never been more critical for a business than now when high performing sales professionals are scarce, expensive and in great demand. You need to make every investment in your sales team to be make your business profitable.

To consistently deliver results, business leaders need to attract and retain the best candidates and measure their performance through relevant metrics and incentivize and reward them fairly so their business development and sales teams consistently deliver more.

We establish and define the critical success factors for each sales role and design the eligibility and rewards criteria. By effectively communicating and implementing end-to-end financial and non-financial components of the total rewards package, we guarantee that your business development and sales teams are aligned with your business goals.

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