Business focused strategic talent management for innovation, profitability and sustainable growth

Plum Jobs HR Advisory

HR Advisory

Working with business leaders, we deliver strategic HR to establish their organizational effectiveness, attract, engage and retain high performance talent. By building a lean workforce, we reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. By offering unique cost effective and pragmatic HR solutions we give our clients their much needed competitive advantage for long term growth and profitability. Our extensive network in the region and industry expertise underpins our approach and guarantees that we will transform your business.
Plum Jobs Executive Search

Executive Search

Working with diverse organizations, our Dubai office focuses on executive search and coaching to headhunt and develop extraordinary CEOs, CXOs and functional leaders to deliver innovation, organization transformation, profitability and sustainable growth. Whether you are a multinational organization seeking a transformational leader, a growing business looking for expertise to scale your business or a succession talent appointment, each engagement we commit to is bespoke to our client’s needs.
Plum Jobs Recruitment


Talent matters for every organization, yet so many businesses cannot find or retain the best people. We attract the most capable candidates to build talented senior and functional teams for our clients to give them a competitive advantage for sustainable growth. We ensure, with our strategic talent management approach, that you have the right candidates in the right roles with the right capabilities. We are your strategic partner for bespoke talent and HR consulting for leadership and specialist talent solutions.
Plum Jobs Leadership & Business Skills Coaching Career Coaching

Leadership and Business Skills & Career Coaching

We established Plum Jobs Success© because we believe everyone should be supported on their personal and professional journey to achieve success. By identifying and addressing gaps in business skills, technical competence and behaviours, we enable you to transform your business to create a sustainable platform for long-term success. Our coaching is bespoke to individual strengths, needs and goals to enhance your personal and work performance - placing you on the right path for career growth.

Combining our extensive HR, people management and development capabilities, business skills and experience, we are business coaches and mentors who work with career focused individuals, companies and HR departments to develop talent, instill resilience, drive performance to outpace their competitors and enable them to achieve their organizational objectives.

We create bespoke leadership development programmes based on your business needs, industry and company culture that enable existing and emerging leaders to find their own management style and enhance their skills, behaviours and techniques to be more successful in the workplace.

Our programmes are designed to fit any budget based on the type of coaching and mentoring support you require, as well as the frequency. Price should never be the reason why your business or career is not growing or succeeding.


If you’re ambitious and career focused, our career and business skills coaching will give you tools, techniques and strategies you will be well placed to consider your next career move for growth and promotion.

Our sessions are tailored with a flexible approach to accelerate your development – we combine face-to-face sessions, on-the-job assignments and self-study to delve into your curiosity, self-awareness, understanding and decision making.

Through a journey of self-development, expanding soft and technical skills you will achieve, in a short span of time, growth and success in both your career and personal life.


As every organization strives towards excellence in delivering a better customer experience and drive operational efficiency, our bespoke HR and talent solutions are hinged on your strategy and operating model to drive incremental profit for a more sustainable business.

We know about aligning talent with business strategies to drive growth and by working with our clients to design their organization structures, identify their people and HR needs, we help them hire, engage and retain the best people.

In parallel, we work with professional candidates to fulfil their ambitions and advance their careers.

As a well-respected HR advisory consultancy, we work with organizations to assess, redefine and recalibrate their HR function to serve the organization more proactively and productively. We ensure that HR has the leadership, skills and experience to enable the organization and its people to grow and succeed.

We are proactively transforming businesses to make them more agile, competitive and profitable.