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The consumer products industry has undergone dramatic changes with changing consumer behaviours, significant developments in technology innovation, market saturation and slimmer margins.

As the consumer goods industry continues to evolve at great speed, brands are focusing on how they scale and grow for survival. Their focus is shifting to how they build their digital capabilities and stay relevant whilst reinventing themselves as trends change. Business strategy development and execution is being redefined as the digital omnichannel customer experience, acquiring new customers, developing new channels, launching new products and services and transforming the in-store operations are being impacted.

With digitalization affecting every part of their value chain, we are working with our multinational and domestic consumer goods, retail, trading and wholesale clients to create talent strategies that have a positive impact on their long-term growth and success across diverse areas in food and beverage manufacturing and distribution, durables, personal care and household and general merchandise.

Ranging from startup ventures, importers, retailers, wholesalers to multinational organisations operating or establishing their presence in the MENA region, our expertise enables us to recruit skills for an increased demand in the areas of data science, advanced analytics and financial acumen to drive innovation, marketing and revenue growth whilst controlling operating costs and shrinkage.

Customer experience should be at the heart of every business strategy if you want to sustain business growth.

As customers scale back their in-store shopping and embrace online retail becomes the norm, organizations are defining their operating models across corporate offices, stores and distribution centres.

Automation is reshaping retail, trading and wholesale business models and their value chains, creating organisations with less hierarchy and a more skilled and empowered workforce responsible for diverse responsibilities, working with digital, real-time data and analytics. 

Through digital data and media, brands are being built and retail channels are being transformed. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are having to strong position their competitive advantages and maintain low operating costs whilst delivering value to the customer.

Our candidates have strong credentials in building e-marketplace brands through data driven marketing and embracing all channels to increase digital sales.

Winning and retaining customers comes down to three simple things – seamless personalized customer experience, availability and speed of delivery of orders and value for money.

A seamless personalized customer experience begins with your website so having the digital capabilities to design, write content and technology efficiencies enhance the overall experience.

With tech-and-design teams responsible for microservices architecture, designing the online store concept and owning the customer journey the need for digital savvy skills is paramount to engaging and retaining customers.

From pay-per-click advertising to content marketing and from search engine optimization to analytics, ecommerce marketing is broad, diverse, and, potentially, complex.

The aim is to find and retain the talent for those activities, promotions, and tactics that generate customer conversion, loyalty and profit.

Critical to retaining customers is the last-mile delivery partner management and organizations are working with us to recruit more efficient operations management capabilities.

Contact us and we will help you build your digital team to enable you to grow your online presence and revenue.

e-Commerce is booming. To win the customer you need to hire leadership talent to understand and connect with the customer.

e-Commerce talent is in high demand with short supply for not only online and multichannel retailers but for any business that has an digital presence. The issue is not simply a lack of supply for the demand but more around the complexity of business models and channels, customer behaviours and oversaturated markets.

We are successfully transforming businesses with recruiting C-level and senior management candidates who have the right mix of leadership competencies and professional skills for senior e-Commerce roles.
With a strong focus on e-commerce and omnichannel skills, we are working with our clients to recruit candidates who have expertise in disrupting traditional merchandising and customer journey operating models. Our candidates know what drives value in the chain; they have the aptitude and motivation to keep learning to stay ahead of the competition.

Whether you want to strengthen your strategic, marketing, technology, finance or supply chain capabilities, talk to us and we will help you find the entrepreneurial people you are looking for.

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Reality is that ecommerce is today’s retail. Digital has become the norm and omnichannel is driving these merging environments. Consumers are looking for convenience and a seamless experience regardless of channel. Your business needs senior retail leadership who understand the dynamics of ecommerce and how it works to generate profitability and sustainable growth through acquiring and retaining customers in extremely overcrowded competition.

The challenge most retail organizations have is the lack of leadership to integrate their ecommerce business with their retail units and treating online retail as part of their business rather than a separate channel. 

Our retail, ecommerce and wholesale leadership candidates are strengthening their capabilities to better understand the customer, personalize the customer experience and create loyalty.

Based on their demonstrable expertise in integrating services, inventories and services with data driven customer, they are building efficiencies in the ship to deliver process, conversion rates and designing and delivering a memorable customer experience.  

Delivering shopping experiences with yesterday’s technology does not work for today’s customer. Our senior technology candidates who are specialized in e-commerce and retail are experts in turning data into insights and are cross-functionally driving market leadership. With greater insights into customer demographics, geography and interests, our clients are targeting new markets and customers and making better decisions with interactive dashboards and visualizations.

Talk to us to hire senior e-commerce and retail leaders who inspire customers, drive loyalty with personalization and have experience in scaling businesses to achieve revenue and profitability growth.

Establishing your place in the ecommerce race requires you to have the right people and organization culture to build momentum and succeed.

Our HR advisory and executive search expertise enables us to partner with our clients to lead onboarding, employment engagement and organizational change management initiatives to effectively integrate new and existing talent to increase business results.

Our solutions are pinned on working with business and HR leaders to lead organizational change and talent assessments to build employer brands, engage teams, identifying developing and high potential and emerging talent. Gain a competitive advantage with leaders and emerging managers who excel at collaboration and building high performance teams through a shared vision. By creating a learning culture, everyone continually adapts to change and becomes business focused and results driven.

Connect with us to find out how we can help you build an organizational culture and high-performance teams to grow your business quickly.

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