how to Manage Remote Workplace Conflict

3 Tips To Manage Remote Workplace Conflict

An MD asked me this week how to manage employee conflict remotely.

We all assume that conflict only happens when face to face but it can happen in any way and it s on the rise with remote working. There is a risk of conflict getting to an unmanageable level if it not resolved and the need to understand, address and resolve conflict quickly is becoming a reality for leaders and HR.

Workplace tensions arise for various reasons such as behaviour, management style, personality, tasks, culture amongst others. Perhaps the most compelling reason is communication – we are relying on emails, WhatsApp and video calls which can distort tone, best intentions or body language.

3 quick tips to manage conflict:

#1 Stay in touch – speak to colleagues regularly and build a rapport that also asks how they are. Working from home can be stressful and lonely for some people.

#2 Address any signs of conflict quick – don’t avoid the discussion as the longer it goes on, the harder it becomes to unravel.

#3 Stay impartial – get the facts right before offering any suggestions or resolution, after all, there are always two sides to every story. Being empathetic, balanced and transparent will build trust and openness.

Unsure how to deal with remote workplace conflict?

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