You don’t need to shout to get new customers …….. you need to hire a professional marketing team

Why Marketing Functions Need to Change Their Hiring to Reduce High Employee Turnover

The marketing industry is well-renowned for very high employee turnover with very quick hiring, firing and leaving.

There is no shortage of marketing candidates. There is, however, a shortage of effective professional marketing candidates. Can you sport the difference?

Marketing has become complex encompassing multiple omnichannel strategies and in today’s saturated markets, every organization is fighting to establish and maintain a brand presence, engage prospective customers and increase profit. Great marketing strategies, plans and team can make an organization successful and profitable.

We have all seen CVs where candidates do not have skills, qualifications or experience in marketing, communications or media, yet they are in a well-paid marketing role, and in many cases they are overpaid. The sad truth is that most of these individuals generally lack the fundamental knowledge of marketing principles and practices.

Business owners and leaders need to invest the time and money to hire the right marketing professionals at competitive salary packages if they want to stay ahead of the game and stand out in the crowd against their competitors.

The Skills Gap in Marketing

As there is a cost attached with effective and successful marketing and it is important for business owners and leaders to hire the right marketing head who is proactive to lead marketing initiatives with a clear plan.

We work with numerous clients who have a senior marketing individual and / or a marketing department yet their marketing is chaotic and hit and miss.

So why is there such a big recruitment challenge in hiring the right marketing individual and capabilities?

7 Tips to Hire A Professional Marketeer

#1 Recruiters do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to understand what they should be looking for and are unable to effectively vet candidates.

#2 Find candidates that can speak to the experience on their CV – we have all seen CVs where the candidate looks great but in reality when you speak to the candidate they cannot speak about the experience or skills stated on their CV or portfolio.

#3 Recruit a team of experienced marketeers that understand the customer and help the sales team covert a lead into a successful sale. The competencies and capabilities to focus on focus on trends, competitor analysis, omnichannel marketing.

#4 Recruit someone who understands the brand – the most experienced marketeers have an inherent understanding of what makes customers tick. They are driven by consumer insights that impact consumer behaviour – this allows for innovation and compelling messaging. Explore whether they understand the brand’s target market and know how to reach them?

#5 Recruit strategic digital expertise – perhaps the most significant requirement is to make digital strategic – with the fast evolution of digital technologies that many businesses are struggling to keep pace with, there is an immediate need for organizations to evaluate what skills are required to reach and engage with customers.

#6 Avoid the “jack of all trades” marketeer – marketing is a specialism and hiring an individual that does not have a strong skill set in particular areas will hamper the desired results. It is advisable to recruit a specialist for different disciplines if your budget allows for this, otherwise it is best to recruit someone who has strong capabilities in these combined areas such as digital and social media.

#7 Recruit someone with a sales mindset – a professional marketeer will work with creativity, customer and market data and analytics to build a deep understanding of the customer and market opportunities and collaborate with the sales team to translate these into actionable strategies and plans to win and retain customers which obviously increases sales and profitability.

Marketing is essential for every business to be visible and reach and connect with their target audience – ultimately this is how your business will grow.


Marketing is a critical function for any business, driving growth and creating a commercial advantage to stand out in an over-crowded arena to engage with customers who are spoilt for choice.

The reality is that many organizations are allowing their marketing functions to be run by individuals who lack the skills and working knowledge of content marketing SEO, social media and programmatic advertising, analytics. The obvious question then is “how can they invest in any of these areas without the understanding of their strategic value?”.

Tired of wasting time and money on the wrong candidates?

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