Is your tech talent shortage holding your company back?

Recruiting Tech Talent in a Skills Shortage Market

Technology pervades every part of our lives and digital transformation with continually changing skills sets requires organizations to be forward thinking about the recruitment strategy and the way they hire to attract and retain the best candidates with the right skills.

With an acute skills shortage for front end development, cybersecurity, big data, DevOps, UX design, machine learning and AI specialisms, recruiting tech talent requires a robust recruitment strategy.

5 tips for hiring the right tech talent

#1 Conduct a skills competency framework to identify what skills are required for evolving roles and assess how your current workforce aligns with these needs. Also identify whether there are people already within the organization who would be the right fit with the necessary training.

#2 Leadership buy in and sign off – whilst there is a requirement to recruit, there is often resistance to proceed with the hiring because the salary costs as good candidates may be more expensive than the budget allows. 

#3 Hiring strategy, recruitment and onboarding process inefficiencies often lead to delays in hiring and it is important to streamline these before starting the hiring process. A lengthy and chaotic interview and onboarding process can result in the best candidate accepting another offer and you would need to start the whole process again.

#4 Interview process – develop an interview process that reflects your company’s vision, culture and brings out the candidate’s skills sets to allow for an in-depth assessment of their experience and suitability. In a challenging skills market, look outside of the traditional recruiting pool and target individuals who can bring diverse skills and backgrounds to your organization. Include skills testing in the process to remove any bias.

#5 Know the role – often recruiters are unable to attract the right calibre of candidates because they do not fully understand the role. Before talking to candidates, ensure that you understand the technical requirements of the role and project-specific challenges. Factoring in the soft skills such as creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability time and people management are also important in evaluating a
candidate’s suitability.

It is crucial for organizations to invest in the right talent to implement and manage technology to continuously improve their digital capabilities and create a more agile and future-proof organization.

With a different mindset and approach to hiring tech talent, a modern recruitment process will get you the best candidates whilst you are juggling between hiring quickly and maintaining the quality of candidates required.

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